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Mar 1, 2011 08:13 AM

Fat Tuesday Celebration with Crawfish--Central Austin?

Does anyone recommend a cajun place for crawfish and music on Fat Tuesday.?

My wife and I got married in Nola and it just so happens her b-day falls on Fat Tuesday this year.

Would love to eat some delicious mud puppies (preferrably spicy and cleaned) and kick back a few Abitas.

Preferrably Central Austin but we have no problem driving a little for a really good time.


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  1. Shoal Creek on Lamar is pretty much the cajun epicenter of Austin... I'm sure they're going to be having a big shindig. I'm not sure about a crawfish boil though, so you should probably call and ask. From someone who pretty much grew up with NOLA as a second home, I'll say that the food's really nothing that's gonna blow your mind, but the vibe of the place helps out a lot.

    1. Also I saw a place today next to Asia Cafe. It's way up north, but it looked pretty serious. I forget the name... has anybody been up to this place?

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      1. re: popvulture

        That's Sambets.

        To the OP - ate at Shoal Creek recently, and the waitress confirmed they will be doing a boil all day Tuesday. There are plenty of other threads on this topic, though. Please use search next time.


        Sambets Cajun Deli & Firey
        8650 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX

        1. re: brentwood

          the two times i've been to sambets, it's been dirty and gross.
          there's gotta be better places.
          and this is coming from someone who lives nearby and is lazy about driving...

          1. re: dinaofdoom

            Sambet's may be dirty and dingy but the food is pretty dang good, in my experience. They don't charge extra for the atmosphere.

            1. re: puddles

              there were fruit flies everywhere when i went, and that always freaks me out a little.

              it was a po boy of some sorts.
              i don't even remember what kind, but i do recall i wasn't thrilled with it.
              maybe my order wasn't their best offering.

              that whole plaza is not exactly chic, so it's definitely not that.

              and, i will give them a second chance based on your recommendation, lest you think i am some uchi-slurping food snob ;-)

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