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Mar 1, 2011 07:57 AM

Looking for mini red velvet cupcakes in the EB

I'm looking to get some mini red velvet cupcakes or maybe regular size if anyone has a good spot. I'm don't want fancy adult cupcakes - just looking for a large quantity for some kids. I'd be happy with slightly better than grocery store quality but I haven't found anything like that. If I don't find anything, I might just buy a couple RV cakes at Costco. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would contact Braxton's Boxes. They have REALLY good cupcakes and make them to order with delivery.

    I had them bring me three dozen mixed flavor (full size cupcakes) and they were delicious. They are well known for red velvet and oreo cookie, but I really liked the "ding dong" and the carmelized pineapple. They also told me they can make Ube or any other flavor people can come up with. '

    I'm sure they can make minis.


    1. La Farine has a good selection of mini red velvet cupcakes in Rockridge and on Piedmont Ave. Excellent!

      La Farine
      6323 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

      1. I think that Whole Foods has mini cupcakes, you could check with them to see if you could get a bunch of mini red velvets.

        1. Love at First Bite in North Berkeley has mini red velvet cupcakes, but I'm guessing this is what you mean by "fancy adult". Worth checking out though.

          oops, sorry, just checked their menu online: they have mini & they have red velvet, but it looks like they don't have mini red velvet! Again though, worth asking...

          1. James and the Giant Cupcake does mini red velvet cupcakes. They're not that great (cupcakes were a little dry and the frosting was too sweet), but they are better than grocery store quality and they deliver.