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Mar 1, 2011 07:39 AM

Kobe burgers..

Who in the area, DC Metro, offers this burger?

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  1. Gordon Biersch - 900 F Street Northwest, Washington D.C

    1. are you looking only for kobe burgers or for high quality burgers?

      bonefish grill even serves a kobe burger. bourbon steak has good burgers from prime beef and they used to have a gryffons aerie burger.

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        1. re: monpetitescargot

          Man, I buy my beef from gryffons when the farmer's market in front of my office is running and it it is truly phenomenal.

        2. not quite DC metro but Lures Bar & Grille right outside of Annapolis

          1. I refer you to Anthony Bourdain's chapter on kobe burgers.

            In other words, I'm sure plenty of places in DC will sell you something called a kobe burger, but nobody is actually going to sell you a burger made with kobe beef because it would be (a) totally gross as a burger due to the extreme marbling and (b) a crime against cows.

            As far as I can tell, we cross-bred wagyu with angus in America, which wiki says resulted in much redder meat, so maybe that's what they are using, since it's been officially named "American-Style Kobe Beef." That's probably why so many restaurants have gone back to using the term "Wagyu" for true Japanese Kobe beef.

            Regarding good burgers, the grass-fed beef burger at Againn and the Big Drew in the lounge at PS7 were both out of this world good.

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            1. re: Raids

              That's interesting. Lures which I posted about above has this on their menu,
              "American raised Kobe beef from the Wagyu breed" . Wonder if that's the cross-bred you mentioned.

              1. re: cb1

                I think it would have to be, yeah. I don't think pure Wagyu beef would make for an edible burger.

                Take a look at a photo of the marbling from wiki:


                That is exactly what the wagyu beef I had at sushi taro looked like.

                  1. re: cb1

                    Hell yeah. They slice it like sashimi and sear it quick. It's awesome.

                    That's when I started thinking that maybe the 8oz "kobe beef" steak I had at the Chophouse was not really authentic Kobe beef....which is not to say that American wagyu beef isn't damn good.

                    Also, the stuff I've had at Kushi was not as good. Not sure if they had a different cut, or if they have American wagyu.

            2. sei has sliders and a full size kobe burger. scion has one that describes itself on the menu as "ground kobe and sirloin" im not sure what that is supposed to mean.
              so does wolfgang puck's the source.