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Dec 30, 2005 02:16 AM

Geisha House on LA Mag's top 10? What?

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I've never been to Geisha House, but I've read so much on these boards about how mediocre the food is.

That's why I was surprised (no, shocked) to see it on Los Angeles Magazine's Top 10 Restaurants list.

Has the restaurant improved, or is LA Mag just out of it's mind? (let's not forget they once voted Beacon best restaurant in LA)

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  1. L.A. Magazine is not to be trusted with Hound-y recommendations... Picking chic and tragically hip establishments teeming with scenesters, maybe, but not when it comes to consistently recommending restaurants with good food.

    The food at Geisha House is horrible. Get some drinks at the bar and watch the $250 jeans stroll by, but I don't recommend eating there.

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      I've not been to Geisha House, and not to be too nit-picky but I think (don't have it in front of me to confirm) it was on the ten best NEW restaurants list.

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        Even with the "new" qualifier, Geisha House should not qualify for a top 10 "best" list. The food there is edible, but NOT GOOD. The sushi at whole foods is better than Geisha. Speaking of which, perhaps there's a new Whole Foods in the area that's more worthy of being on a LA mag's top 10 new restautants list...

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          On which planet is Whole Foods' sushi better than Geisha House's?

          You may not like the door policy. You may not like the crowd. You may feel old, ill-dressed or poor. You may not like the expense, the post-Koi style of sushi or the way that the sake sommelier inevitably pushes you into an $85 bottle. Still, the fish itself is of superb quality, and the chefs put it together with extreme skill. I love the more orthodox places too, and I'm probably more likely to empty my wallet at Urasawa or Mori than here, but Geisha House is spectacular.

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            Dude, which Geisha House do you go to? Must be different from the one I've been to. I've been there at least 5 times (unfortunately, I have to for business), and each time the sushi has reeked. Literally.

            I neither mind prices nor door policy (though I feel the DP at GH is rather lax), but for goodness' sake, at least have decent food. Spectacular is not a word I would use to describe the food at Geisha House.

            1. re: JL

              Geisha House is an overdressed Kabuki. The fish is the same second-string quality as Kabuki, the rolls are the same rather uninspired compared to, say, Sushi Roku (dear God, that I'd ever have to write THAT), and the crowds are pretty much the same demographic. There really is no door policy; these days, it's all the people who used to be turned away who are keeping it afloat now. Just like The Standard Downtown, it's very Studio 54-circa-1983. Geisha House is now where the girls from work go for a ladies' night out or the guys from the Valley take a girl on a date to try to impress her - "Yeah, that's right! I can get into GEISHA HOUSE!" Well, so can just about anyone. They put coupons into those big Entertainment discount books, after all.

        2. they are really good at reviewing restaurants that go out of business w/in a year. . .

          geisha house's food is NOT good. it is really just less than average. i actually think the bar area is really nice and don't mind having cocktails there - but the "food" is just rediculously bad. they should have made this a bar only with some snacks instead of a restaurant.

          1. Geisha House in the top 10 is pretty laughable. The food was good but definitly not anywhere close to being top 10 for food in any category. Well, MAYBE if you're looking for decent food in a totally hipster, bar, scene-y place.

            1. Hi all. We have removed some off topic comments that were not focusing on the food at Geisha House. Please let everyone know what *you* think of the food here and leave what you think the business reasons that LA magazine may have made this choice are, (or what you think of LA magazine's restaurant reviews generally) *out* of the discussion here on the LA message board.

              Thanks for everyone's cooperation.

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                Sorry about that, some of are passionate about the whole process of how restaurants become popular when the food is average. I will try to stay on topic, I know that was at me.