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Mar 1, 2011 07:26 AM

Best Place for Early Dinner in Laconia or GIlford?

Going up to Gunstock with the family and looking for a place to have an early dinner in Laconia or Gilford, not more than $15-20 pp (not incl. drinks). These places have been recommended to me: Patrick''s Pub and Ellacoya Bar and Grill. Which would you recommend based on food, or are there other, better places? We will be exhausted, so casual and close by is good. Also, if there is anywhere with good takeout, that would be an option too. Thanks!

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  1. So, I'll answer my own question. We went to Patrick's Pub since it was the closest to our hotel. It was early, 6 p.m., but the place was packed and there was a short wait. The service was attentive, which is always a positive. Ordered baked fish, lamb panini and hamburger. Feared I was going out on a limb with the lamb panini, but it sounded good and it was. Not too expensive and very satisfactory for a casual meal.

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      bummer, never saw time you're up try Ellacoya (awesome burgers) and there is a great thai place in Laconia (next to the highschool).

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        We had such a good time at Gunstock that we'll probably come back next year, so I'll keep those other places in mind!

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          and if you come back in summer, lots going on @ gunstock and morerestarants too

    2. Hello Again - Going back to Gunstock this winter and again looking for somewhere for dinner. Anything new in the area since 2011? If not, we'll go back to Patrick's. Thanks!