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Mar 1, 2011 06:51 AM

Would you eat Gumbo or a Shrimp Beignet for Breakfast?

I'm curious about how many people would like to eat "non-breakfast" food for breakfast.

I sure would! I am trying to convince some restaurants to offer "regular" food for breakfast, if they possibly can -- even thought they aren't "diner-style" places.

Restaurant people: Does it require a great deal of resources to offer some of your lunch fare for breakfast? I guess it really depends on how your "kitchen" rolls. What are the biggest hurdles in this regard? I'm curious from a "learning about restaurants" standpoint.

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  1. I love non-breakfast foods for breakfast----mostly, I guess, due to college/law school poverty and eating spaghetti, soup, whatever for every meal in a given 3 day period. The habit just stuck and I embraced it.

    Also, I lived in Maryland for a bit, and a crab omelette was a pretty common menu item-and a lovely one.

    Funnily enough, I can't eat sweet things at breakfast or I feel sick all day! Shame.

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      I need a protein-rich breakfast. Sugar then gives me headache.

    2. Would and have. Damn right.

      1. Absolutely I would eat a savory beignet for breakfast and it would be a plus if it had seafood in it. I love non-breakfast foods for breakfast. One of my favorite places will make me a reuben sandwich or patty melt at breakfast if I want it. Why not?

        1. I would eat either of the two items you suggested......however, from a restaurants standpoint, it has to do with production of the kitchen and whether it is set up to do everything simultaneously, or in shifts, i,e,, equipment, cooking line and staff. Large restaurants have larger kitchens which translates into more equipment and more staff. The preparation aspect also has to be well as the holding time for prepared foods., e.g. Prime Rib or other roasted is done in all restaurants for any shift service, but when does the customer's perception of your product begin to decline ? Instead of having available for a few it is doubled....In the minds of many customers, they do not want food that they consider to be leftovers.

          1. I prefer lunch or dinner items for breakfast. I have been known to have a buffalo chicken sandwhich with onion rings and been quite satisfied. Anything goes!!!