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Mar 1, 2011 05:54 AM

Ethical question about finding a nail in packaged salad blend. UPDATE!

Almost a month ago, I posted this topic after chomping down on a 1 1/4" finishing nail in my salad. No injuries, just surprised! Anyway, I taped it to an index card along with the bar code, exp date, my info, and sent it to Dole hdq in CA. Two weeks went by with no response. I called them, the service person was polite, but said I sent the info to the wrong department. She assured me she'd send me some coupons, and try to find out what happened to the nail I'd sent them. Yesterday, I got the 'form letter' and six coupons. Three are freebies, and three are .75 cents off. That totals approx $14. I'm fine with that, but I guess I expected a call from a 'concerned' supervisor. Also, we still love the 'very veggie' blend.

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    1. Probably shouldn't have sent the nail in... Now you have no proof and they have no reason to get back to you or otherwise make reparations.

      1. I would suspect that with the volume they do and even a small fraction of a percent with complaints a food company won't have time for personal calls. The form letter and form letters is as close as it gets to personal contact.

        I haven't looked in awhile, but there's usually some contact info on the package where you can file complaints/quality.

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          1. I have found an unimagineable number of non-food items in food (plastic, screws, rubber bands), and I've *never* gotten a coupon. Except at restaurants; a nut of the metal variety in a Cinnabon (years ago, don't judge) and a sharp piece of sheared metal in a salad at TGI Friday's (we're talking decades ago, people); each earned me a refund. That's not counting bugs . . .

            Anyway, I think you should count yourself lucky. Food factories have these kinds of accidents all the time. Plus, for a salad mix, there's no real way to prove that the nail came from the bag and not your kitchen. I mean, I believe you, but I'm sure Dole is huge enough to have at least a handful of people pranking them. Plus, you know, soulless corporation and all.