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Mar 1, 2011 05:39 AM

Vienna Dining/Cafe Suggestions for Solo Female

hello chowhounds:

i'm heading to vienna tomorrow for three days. i'm (female) traveling alone and staying between stephansplatz and the opera house.

from various posts, i think i will definitely head to MAK and glacis beisl. and though i don't drink, i would be happy to head to a beer house for some good food.

my key criteria are good/unique/traditional food and safety, particularly during the evening as it gets dark quite early these days.

if you wouldn't mind, i would love some suggestions--please state whether it's better for lunch or dinner (1 to 2 expensive places are fine, as long as there's no dress code), as well as coffee houses that i should not miss. and if possible, even what i should be ordering from the menu!

thanks a bunch!

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  1. Gmoakeller serves wonderful traditional food, in a casual yet interesting setting, with very pleasant and friendly service. I think you'd have a fine time alone there.

    1. I like Cafe Prückel for sitting outside and people watching on a nice day.

      1. For lunch I would go to one of the Kaffeehäuser nearby, such as Tirolerhof, Bräunerhof, Frauenhuber, Diglas, Prückel or Engländer. These places are open all day and have nice lunch menues.

        Immervoll is also a nice location for lunch, although, as the name suggests, it is "always full". Alternatively - if you want a real "beisl" - try Zu den 3 Hacken, Pfudl, Zum Scherer, Ofenloch or Beim Czaak as sources of traditional Viennese cuisine.

        BTW, all these places also are recommended for an informal dinner. If you want to splurge, it is actually nowadays quite difficult, there are many expensive places which do not offer exceptional value. Maybe you like the Do&Co Albertina, which is a brasserie-like setup of international and Viennese cuisine, or one of the more trendy places such as Limes, Ellas, Novelli (great !) or Fabios (shudder).

        A good choice for an informal dinner are also the wine bars, Wein&Co, Meinl am Graben or Fino (now on Wildpretmarkt), but they are always crowded and smokers friendly...

        For ordering from the menu: The real Viennese treat is NOT a Wiener Schnitzel but rather the boiled beef "Tafelspitz" served with vegetables, fried potatoes, and an apple-horseradish sauce, very similar to what you get in northern Italy as "bollito misto". The Viennese also like offal such as liver and lung. A tasty stew of lung and heart is called "Beuschel" and is not only yummy, but low on fat ...

        And finally: Vienna is quite safe at night, especially in these areas you will find yourself. It is more dangerous during the day, since there are many pickpockets in crowded spaces...

        1. Also, for a cheap snack don't forget Tzeniewski and Duran sandwich shops! Both are great.