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Petit Robert Bistro

Kenmore location. Using my groupon tomorrow night. Any menu items not to be missed?

Petit Robert Bistro
468 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

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  1. At the SE PBR, I like the smoked herring and potato salad. It's not a lot more than the sum of it's parts, but the parts are tasty. I thought the cabbage that came with my duck confit was a highlight too.

    There are some recommendations in the related threads linked to below.

    1. We typically go to the Needham location, but I think the menus are somewhat similar. Everything we've had there is pretty tasty. My husband swears they have the best French onion soup he's ever had and he normally gets the lamb or steak frites and I opt for the scallops or fish special. And their souffles are amazing if they're on the menu. Enjoy!

      1. I love their profiteroles with hot fudge sauce.

        1. The charcuterie/pate platter is delicious, there is usually one course/country style and two smooth pates with decent grainy mustard. Love the escargot, for entrees II like the liver or braised lamb. I also love the profiterole and can almost finish one myself!

          1. All eaten at original Kenmore location (many, many times):

            The charcuterie/pate plate is a bargain (and a good excuse to eat a ton of those nice little baguettey loafs). I also LOVE the vegetable pate, but moreso in the warmer months.

            Crispy poached eggs with bacon on frisee. I know, everyone does this, but PRB's egg prep is the best I've had. The chef explained the process to me one time - suffice to say, instead of taking long notes, I decided just to order at PRB rather than attempting at home.

            Mussels with side of frites. Very tasty broth that does not even slightly overpower the mussels. The frites are only average, but a necessary addition for me.

            Though credit for the duck confit should go to D'Artagnan, this is one of my favorite dishes. Especially in the cold months. I also love their rabbit preparation (usually with a mustard sauce) and also the sweetbreads (also usually with a mustard sauce).

            My wife is a huge fan of the onion soup, chicken "coq" au vin, and short ribs.

            The souffle. Awesome. Not on Saturdays. Rarely have I discovered a misstep on the dessert menu, and it's one of the few places where I almost always have dessert.

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                I've never seen it on the menu, but would definitely like to!

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                  I had blanquette de veau in the Needham branch about a year ago and it was not good. The meat was very tough.

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                  I agree with all that you have listed! I eat there often and these are my favourites.

                3. We had a delightful meal there last night. Arrived early to find plenty of on street parking and time to take a walk down Marlborough and up Comm Ave. Got a cozy table by the front window. French waitress was delightful. The bread ....oo la la!! They ship it in from Montreal pre baked and serve baked and steaming hot w a side of rich creamy butter. Great bread ALWAYS puts me in a good mood. :) Started w tuna tartare..good but not outstanding. We both like seafood. Waitress recommended the scallops and the haddock. Both were wonderful. Loved the crab sauce over an oven fried filet. Would go back.

                  Petit Robert Bistro
                  468 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

                  1. We have just used our Groupon coupon for dinner at Petit Robert Needham. My husband has always wanted to dine there. Now we have. We won't be back. The only saving grace to the meal is that we did have a groupon coupon. Even at that, the meal was not worth the money. Nearby Sweet Basil's is far superior both in food and service - even without a groupon.

                    So many people have raved about the bread. Unfortunately we never received any. The waiter claimed it was the bus boy job. We wouldn't know because we never saw the bus boy. The onion soup is a small cup for $8.75. Few onions, mostly bread ( possible leftovers from people like us that never got the bread basket). The Colorado lamb was just that - one small lamb chops. 4 bites and you're done. The accompanying mashed potatoes were barely warm and bordered on cold. I had finished eating when the waiter brought the appropriate knife to use with the lamb and for the skirt steak. We dined with friends. The roast chicken was ordinary and also not terribly warm. The skirt steak was served with McDonald style french fries. Service at best was blaise, and accompanied by a lot of "I don't know's". Restaurant fell far short of our expectations. Too many other good one's nearby to waste time and money here. Very disappointing.

                    Sweet Basil
                    942 Great Plain Ave, Needham, MA 02492

                    Petit Robert Needham
                    45 Chapel Street, Needham, MA 02492

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                      We've eaten at the Kenmore Square and Downtown Crossing locations and agree with most of your comments. The food has been average at best and the service spotty. We did get bread at both locations, but have no desire to go back.

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                        Sorry to hear that, but it sounds about on par with our experiences at PRB Kenmore.

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                          I went to the Kenmore location a few weeks ago to use a Groupon. The food was good enough -- not amazing, but nothing to complain about. The service, however, was pretty awful. The waiter did apologize at least, which goes a long way. My boyfriend's beer arrived so long before my cocktail we thought they forgot about it, our appetizers (french onion soup and a salad) took forever, and our entrees took so long that they arrived just before those of the people next to us. They arrived 30 minutes after we did and also got appetizers, which made me think someone forgot to put both our appetizer and dinner order in. We ordered a side that never arrived but showed up on the bill. That was corrected, but still.