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Mar 1, 2011 04:22 AM

Camping meal ideas for large group needed.

We are having a " taste of ... " dinner event where each group serves up an entree/side dish to
the other groups ( 90 + adults/kids ). I am looking for some new ideas that not only are fairly easy to prepare but great tasting. Things like chili/beef stew with cornbread and tri tip are already being represented. In the past, we've the usual camping fare such as burgers, carne asada, korean BBQ, hot dogs and sausages, etc Any suggestions ? TIA !

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  1. Are you actually cooking outside?

    Cooking outside at "camp" (camp meaning cabin in my area) is the main summer activitiy and some of the things regularly on the menu:

    BBQ chicken halves, the standard BBQ basting sauce is a vinegar based, thin liquid. I could give you a recipe

    Ribs, which can be started in the oven and finished on the fire

    Corn on the cob, in the husk

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    1. re: cleobeach

      Yes, we'll be cooking outside mainly with BBQ pits, portable burners, grills, etc

      Thanks for the tips ! Grilled corn is one of my favorites and would be a good choice here.
      Ribs would be great but with 90 + dads and sons, cost might be a bit prohibitive. I would
      appreciate your basting sauce recipe. Chicken is an option we are considering as well as maybe flank steak with chimichurri. Thanks again !

      1. re: vonger44

        Flank steak! How could I have forget about that! I love flank steak and that would be easy to slice up to stretch around to many people.

        This is the basic recipe used in my family, increased as many times as needed for a crowd. We happen to have a dedicated (clean) pump sprayer that is used to spray down the halves. You could also just use legs and thighs.

        one and one half cups of oil or melted oleo
        two and one quarter cups of vinegar
        three quarters of a cup of water
        5 tablespoons salt
        one half of a cup of sugar
        3 tablespoons of worchestershire sauce
        3 tablespoons of tabasco

        The notes on my grandmother's recipe card say this is for 24 halves but I always double it.

    2. what about pork tenderloin. costco has a reasonable prlce. take the juice of six limes, the zest of a lime, a couple of jalapenos diced, marinate for an hour then grill. slice and serve with
      grilled new potatoes that have been sliced and grilled.

      1. Another thing I just thought of is grilled bread. We brush slices with olive oil and season with Crazy Salt (or whatever blend is on hand) and grill over the fire. I serve this as a side dish or an appetizer, topped with hot peppers that I warm with oil in a foil pack on the grill

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        1. re: cleobeach

          I will be adding both the pork and grilled break ideas to my camp recipes to try ! Thanks !

        2. PIG ROAST!
          Crab/crawfish boil

          Aside from steaks, burgers and hot dogs, these three come to mind when I think of big groups eating outside-heck lobster was 1/3 the price of regular choice beef last summer.

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          1. re: AdamD

            now a pig roast would take the prize for sure !
            I will be definitely trying the crawfish boi/clam bakes in the future for friends and family.
            We can probably get some great deals on seafood and a few of the local Asian markets but not sure if I can pull it off for such a large group on limited cooking time and budget.
            Thanks !

            1. re: AdamD

              Can 90 people eat from one pig?

            2. When we camped in Canada we'd dig for pisser clams and pry mussels of the rocks and roast most of them. You could also do roasted bone marrow. I 2nd the pig roast, too.

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              1. re: David11238

                i can only dream of doing of digging and roasting clams/mussels here in southern CA,
                bone marrow is one of my personal faves, i would prob have to hire a crew to roast pig at this time but def on my list of things to do...

                1. re: vonger44

                  Ah okay, I wasn't sure where you lived. Is clamming rare in Southern Cal? What about the fish that beach themselves after mating? I hear they can taste pretty good. If it's a camping style event why not do a take on oatmeal/granola bars? As an entree and/or dessert. Oatmeal is certainly inexpensive and easy to cook and form.