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Feb 28, 2011 09:27 PM

the best Dan Dan mien/ sauce recipe?

Hi Chowhounds,

I've searched the boards and couldn't find a definitive Dan Dan mien recipe. The other recipes I've found on line are SO varying that its utterly confusing (for example, one recipe called for 12 cloves of garlic with NO peanuts whatsover, while another recipe called for a cup of peanut butter, and yet another called for tahini!).

I would be so grateful for an excellent Dan Dan recipe - the sooner the better. My friends and I are experimenting with hand pulled noodles on Thursday and I hope to make Dan Dan an accompanying sauce!

Thank you everyone!!!

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    1. re: haiku.

      I love the one from Fushia Dunlop's Sichuanese book. I googled and found this on the web, it's probably the same recipe

      No offence to Jamie, but his Dan Dan noodles is just horrid. Looking at the ingredients list makes me wonder if he knows how to cook chinese at all!

      1. re: lilham

        I agree. Why Jamie is trying to put his hands in the Chinese larder is beyond me. Beef instead of Pork? Honey? Four substitutions? Limes? Stick with Dunlop's recipe. Easier to make and more delicious.

        1. re: lilham

          The recipe from UKTV is pretty much how I make my dan dan mien. The pickled mustard greens take it above and beyond.

      2. Hi Linndsey,
        This YouTube vid gave me the best results:
        -Soy sauce
        -Rice vinegar
        -Chicken broth
        -Chili oil
        -Sesame paste
        -Pinch of sugar
        -Sichuan pepper
        -Green onions
        -Ground pork stir fried with preserved veg and bamboo shoots

        The black sesame paste is better than peanut butter or tahini.
        The rice vinegar is absolutely necessary (Chinkiang vinegar is the best
        )You can use bottled chili oil instead of making your own
        The pork and Ya Cai (preserved mustard leaves) mixture- you can substitute Sichuan Preserved Veg (Zha Cai 榨菜 instead of Ya Cai 芽菜)-it is easier to find
        For and added kick, I sometimes add Doubanjiang, a spicy fermented bean paste. It's not traditional, but I love it!
        Hope this helps
        I replace the pea vine shoot with baby bok choi (except in summer, when the peas are growing)

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        1. re: hypomyces

          These recipes all seem more on target with the dan dan mien I had growing up in SF chinatown....and my visits to NYC chinatown. Thanks Chowhounds - I always know I can count on you guys!!!

          1. re: Lynndsey Rigberg

            I can't stop thinking about Dan dan mian.....think I'll make it for supper....
            Have a good day

        2. Hong Kong's legendary Wing Lai Yuen

          that has been around since the 50s (or earlier) uses the following ingredients and combinations

          - hand kneaded and machine noodles, where the ingredients are flour, chicken eggs and duck eggs

          -base broth made with whole mature chicken (less fat more flavor), special ham (you could try smoked or Virginia ham), and pork bones. I assume it has to be brought to a boil then simmered for hours until the right consistency is reached.

          -condiments.... thinly sliced scallions, peanut powder, dried shrimp, chili oil

          The idea is to cook the noodles al dente, quickly soak them in cold water (and drain). Add the broth, then the condiments, and then the noodles.

          1. I just wanted to thank everyone again for responding. We did the hand pulled noodles last night and I laid out all the condiments for everyone to make their own Dan Dan mein. The favorite side ingredient was a mashed garlic paste we made out of raw garlic, sesame oil, black vinegar, salt. We also offered black vinegar on the side, as well as sesame paste mashed with olive oil.

            The sauce was a hit and everyone had fun tailor making their dan dan noodles!

            Thanks everyone!

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