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Feb 28, 2011 07:46 PM

Draining Tofu

I've been doing the dual plates/heavy weight thing for years and it never seems to remove enough liquid for my taste. What I have been doing is using two platters or trays at a slant in the kitchen sink, with a heavy jar of bulk rice or large canned goods.

It would seem Williams-Sonoma would have come up with a $50 device by now to make this process more efficient (LOL).

I'm about ready to experiment with scrap pieces of wood and C-clamps. Seriously. Actually, that's not a bad idea, hmm....

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  1. Curious, what do you do with the tofu that has no liquid?
    Maybe try wrapping it in some cheesecloth and squeezing it like a sponge?

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      I'm used to buying firm tofu in tubs with a lot of liquid. I've occasionally bought the tightly-packed bricks, but they still seem to require draining, though perhaps not as much.

      1. re: comestible

        Just curious what you do with the tofu with no liquid.
        When I buy firm tofu it comes in liquid(water).

        House Foods has an extra firm for tofu burgers and stir frying

      1. Hmm, yeah, I still go w/ the cutting boards and huge can of tomatoes. Also, I wrap in paper towels. I always found that to be enough?

          1. I wrap mine in a bunch of paper towels and put it back in the container for a day or two. works great