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Feb 28, 2011 07:04 PM

Madrid food choices that are NOT seafood???

My husband and I will be celebrating my 40th birthday in Paris and Rome in only 66 days - but who's counting?! We have just included 4 days in Madrid from May 13-16th.

As I scrammble to make heads or tails of the restaurant scene I need some guidance as fish/seafood seems to be a very common ingredient. My husband eats it but I do not so I'd like to find places that will appeal to us both.

Our daily food budget is 200 euros - 25ish for breakfast, 50 or so for lunch and 100-125 for dinner. I think I would prefer table service as opposed to eating at a bar but I also may be misunderstanding the idea of tapas and how it is ordered/eaten.

I eat all meats and poultry, love veggies, pasta, cheese, sausages and olives. I am not allergic and will happily eat around seafood in paella leaving more for my husband.

Based on this info would we be better off in table service restauants as opposed to tapas? If we attempt both will there be many options for me? I of course already have big plans for suckling pig and roasted lamb.

CH has been HUGE in helping me plan our Paris/Rome food choices - now I can use your help with Madrid.

All suggestions welcome and much appreciated!

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  1. We had an excellent meal of both meat and shellfish at Taberna Laredo last month. Cozy little dining area behind the tapas bar. Moderate/high prices--two can eat for not much more than 100 euro if you are careful with wine choice. East of Retiro park, in an area rife with good eating.

    You will have no trouble finding tapas places that offer both meat and seafood raciones.

    1. Argentine meat near Plaza Santa Ana…

      … and near a good paella restaurant…

      … but not far of a vegetarian

      1. You shouldn't have a problem eating anywhere that isn't a marisquería (and even some marisquerías offer up non-fish/shellfish dishes). All restaurants and tapas bars have non-fish/shellfish options.

        Also, keep in mind that May 15th is a huge fiesta here in Madrid (San Isidro day--the patron saint of Madrid). There will be all sorts of things going on in the streets and plazas in the center of town (though the main "verbena" is out in the Prado de San Isidro across the river). A lot of people will also have May 14th off and make it a long weekend.