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Feb 28, 2011 07:04 PM

Cakes at Shish? - St. Paul

Hi all,

I've been going to Shish Mediterran Grill and Cafe for the past year or so and am absolutely in love, borderline obsessed, with their cakes, especially the red velvet. When a friend asked recently about purchasing one for my birthday, the person behind the counter told her that they're from a local bakery and only the owner knows which one and, apparently, isn't apt to tell.

Does anyone have the secret answer to this? It seems odd that Shish would be selling another restaurant's goods without disclosing who they are, but either way, I just want to know where I can get my hands on that amazing red velvet for my birthday. Any tips?


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  1. Did Shish decline to sell you friend a whole one?

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    1. re: KTFoley

      I don't think they outright declined, but I don't think the person behind the counter offered that as an option and I don't think she really pushed it further. Shish makes delicious food and has great staff, so I don't think it should be any sort of mark against them that they don't make their cakes, but I'd still like to know where a girl can get a whole cake like that! The red velvet is seriously to die for.

      1. re: polkahots

        They probably don't go real far, and there are a couple of nice bakeries nearby in St. Paul. Cafe Latte? Buttercream?

        I wrote a review of Shish to the tune of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on another that place.

        Cafe Latte
        850 Grand Ave Ste 1, Saint Paul, MN 55105

        1. re: semanticantics

          semanticantics, I think you may have found it! I just looked at the menu for Buttercream and not only do they have a red velvet cake that looks nearly identical, but they also have other non-traditional flavors, such as chocolate pistachio on the menu, which I saw at Shish! I've put in an email to them to see if they'll confirm. Thanks for the tip!

          Also, I stumbled across the review you mentioned of "Shish" and thought it was pretty clever!

          1. re: polkahots

            I clearly have too much time on my hands.

            1. re: semanticantics

              I'm intrigued and can't wait to hear what you find out. Before I read further I was going to suggest Highland Cafe and Bakery. I was pleasently surprised by their selection of cakes and goodies. They make a great breakfast too.

              I heart cake.

              Highland Cafe and Bakery
              2012 Ford Pkwy, Saint Paul, MN 55116

    2. I agree...Shish is one of my favorite places...and I am obsessed with the Red Velvet as well. They do sell whole cakes, my husband just surprised me with one for my birthday. Not sure what he paid for it, but it was AMAZING!!!!!!

      1. I've purchased a whole cake from Shish.
        It helps if you select an item where they have 2 whole ones vs a single cake left. or call ahead.

        1. I asked about the baked goods one day when I was in Shish. The person working that day told me that they come from La Patisserie on Randolph Avenue in Saint Paul. I can't say if that's correct or not, but that's what I was told. Hope that helps.

          La Patisserie
          1570 Randolph Ave, St Paul, MN

          1. Another vote for Shish LOVE!!!