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Grade B Maple Syrup?

Hi. I'm looking for a place that sells Grade B Maple Syrup. Anyone know of any place in the Balto/DC area?

I'm a displaced Vermonter who prefers the B, but all I can find is Grade A.


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  1. Did you try Trader Joes? I'm pretty sure that's where I saw it.

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    1. I am way not in DC, but I've always had luck at health food stores, long before it became a foodie favorite. But try TJ's, too, if it's closer.

      1. I have bought it in the past at Whole Foods and MOM (My Organic Market). I think the popularity of the Master Cleanse has made it more widely available. I do recall seeing it at a "regular" grocery store, but i cannot recall which one or where exactly it was.

        1. I agree. Grade B is tastier than Grade A. I buy mine at Trader Joes.

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            When I was in Vermont I persuaded a couple of farmers to sell me their Grade C: wow, is that tasty... anyone know a source for Grade C in the Baltimore area? I've been looking for over a decade

          2. MOMs or in desperation before MOM's & Trader Joe's carried it, I've ordered from King Arthur Flour's Baker's Catalogue. Grade C! That I'd love to try, hope someone has a local source.

            1. I just pick it up today. 28 oz of grade B maple syrup at TJ for $14. Pretty good deal in my book. Only BJ has cheaper maple syrup that I can tell.

              BTW, my understanding is the grading refers to color (e..g, A is lighter than B) and not quality of the syrup. Is this correct?

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                Someone who is more of an authority will chime in I'm sure, but as I understand it, the grading refers not only to the color but the strength (flavor). Quality is not affected, but Grade B is supposed to be a stronger flavor than Grade A, I assume Grade C is stronger yet. Some people think Grade B is too strong and overpowers foods (I am NOT one of them !!)

                Tks for the tip on the price of the Grade B at TJ's, we have been using Grade B exclusively since we discovered it. Now I have to find some of this Grade C.

              2. Thanks for the info. There are no Trader Joe's near me, but there is a MOM's closer. I'll check there first.

                The various Grade A varieties are generally considered to be "better" than the lower grades for pancakes and such, but there is no quality difference. The grade that is assigned is based on color and strength of flavor, and what it comes out as has something to do with the length of time between collecting the sap and boiling it. And perhaps the temperature of the sap before it is boiled? Grade B is definitely better for baking because it adds a more potent maple flavor to whatever you are making. When you use Grade A for baking, you can hardly tell that there was maple added to it. But I prefer the B for everything.

                1. we used to live in Vt. too and love grade B. Whole Foods sells it for $16.99 a jug. Our Trader Joes in Towson has it sometimes.

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                    That may be the wrong stuff - read the label c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y.... some brands carry up to 80% HFCS. Rule of thumb, the lower the price the lower the purity. Case in point: http://www.gradebmaplesyrup.org/whygr...

                  2. Looks easy enough to order at a decent price, think I'll try some.

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                      I was given Grade C Maple syrup for my birthday, and boy it is good! had it on my oatmeal, mixed it with light rum, put it in banana bread. Maybe make ice cream with it. Here's where my daughter got it from: http://www.cbmaplefarm.com/maplesyrup...

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                        I have purchased that exact item with Subscribe&Save and I LOVE it. I am a displaced upstate NYer, and though I can't get any orchard to ship Macoun apples to me illegally in Cali, I am grateful for the Coombs maple syrup.

                      2. Did you try Whole Foods? I have found it there in the past.
                        Grade B is a major component of the Master Cleanse diet. So it seems like a lot more places have it now since that diet became more popular again.

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                          Whole Foods does have it. I just got a jug, because I've heard so much about Grade B.

                          So I made pancakes this weekend and had a side-to-side taste-off with my Grade A vs Grade B syrups. I could not tell the difference. :-(

                          Is it me? Or is it so nuanced that only syrup connoisseurs can tell.

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                            I think it's just your palate, bubba3197. Like wines. Maybe your palate just can't pick up the taste difference. it's just how you were made. I can definitely tell the difference between Grade A and Grade B, and I really prefer the stronger flavor of the Grade B. I am searching for Grade C, thanks for the link curioussheridan.

                            We are currently using some Grade B that I got at MOM's in Jessup. Previously, it was really hard to find and I ordered it from King Arthur flour. I, also, have seen it at TJ;s.

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                              Had Grade C with mango on my oatmeal today-- what a treat for the tastebuds!