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Feb 28, 2011 06:54 PM

Grade B Maple Syrup?

Hi. I'm looking for a place that sells Grade B Maple Syrup. Anyone know of any place in the Balto/DC area?

I'm a displaced Vermonter who prefers the B, but all I can find is Grade A.


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  1. Did you try Trader Joes? I'm pretty sure that's where I saw it.

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    1. I am way not in DC, but I've always had luck at health food stores, long before it became a foodie favorite. But try TJ's, too, if it's closer.

      1. I have bought it in the past at Whole Foods and MOM (My Organic Market). I think the popularity of the Master Cleanse has made it more widely available. I do recall seeing it at a "regular" grocery store, but i cannot recall which one or where exactly it was.

        1. I agree. Grade B is tastier than Grade A. I buy mine at Trader Joes.

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            When I was in Vermont I persuaded a couple of farmers to sell me their Grade C: wow, is that tasty... anyone know a source for Grade C in the Baltimore area? I've been looking for over a decade

          2. MOMs or in desperation before MOM's & Trader Joe's carried it, I've ordered from King Arthur Flour's Baker's Catalogue. Grade C! That I'd love to try, hope someone has a local source.