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Feb 28, 2011 06:05 PM

Anyone familiar with the Capital Culinarian Range/Stove??

We are just about to begin our kitchen remodel. Were set on the Wolf gas 36"open burner. THEN I find out about the Capital Culinarian. Apparently the new kid on the block. 23,000btu's all burners. I really like the design. Apparently excellent customer service.

Anybody know anything about this stove. Apparently I would need to go to LA to see it live!

Thanks for any help!


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  1. They have a Facebook page. Maybe some of the "friends" of the page are owners. You might ask there as well.

    1. "Apparently excellent customer service" is a moving target. The question to ask yourself is "what happens if I need a part in 5 years"? I tend to stick with a manufacturer with some length of track record.

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        Does Capital not have a track record?

        1. re: pabboy

          I wouldn't be that concerned about the manufacturer. I might wonder about delays in delivery- a lot of new release products tend to take longer to get to market than gets advertised. IIRC, the same was true of some of the Wolf stoves when we were looking several years back (dual fuel, I think). Then there's also the potential that there are bugs in the early ones that get addressed on the fly in later production.

          Those would be my concerns. The big burners look slick, but I don't know that the BTUs are really different than those of the Bluestar (which we like but you can read numerous complaints about here and on THS, particularly on recent ones purchased in Canada from Costco). I like having multiple sizes of burners that I can use for different tasks (or roughly equally in a pinch).

      2. i have a 48" capital precision, 22,000 BTUs with sealed burners. it's a real work horse and amazing piece of equipment. haven't needed service but it's readily available. capital is manufactured in the USA by the engineers from DCS. DCS underwent some kind of shuffle on the exec level and was sold -can't remember to whom. but the powers that be decided to leave the product as is, and not take DCS any further, thus capital was born.
        my 36" oven boasts a rotisserie; i can fit 3 chickens on the spit, or two large turkeys.
        the new culiarian puts out 23,000 BTUs and has open burners which might throw out yet more heat than sealed burners. the price is extremely competitive and puts the more widely advertised brands to shame.

          1. re: will47

            Culi is working great here in Kansas. I'd kinda like it if they included a narrow-bottom 8k burner, for narrow pots, alas they decided to make all burners 3-flame-ring 23k. Also, the wok stand $150, is too expensive. Oven is very good (use an oven thermometer). It's a nice stove. Cleanup isn't bad at all. Induction 4.4k will heat water faster, induction elements work better with small-diameter pots.
            and ceramic smoothtop has easier cleanup.

            1. re: MarkKS

              I could be wrong, but I think you can still get the 8k or 15k burners as an option; they just changed the default. IIRC, the actual ring is the same size, but the lower output burners have only 1, or 2, rings of flame rather than 3.

          2. I am a personal chef and I have a client with a Capital Culinarian, so I have cooked on it a bunch. I regularly cook on Vikings, Wolfs, Blue Stars and AGAs. (For clients, that is--I have a crappy 1970's era GE in my own kitchen-jealous?) I have a special affection for AGA's, but for a standard range, the Capitol Culinarian is my favorite so far. It is extremely powerful. The one I cook on has a flat top/grill. I have used both functions and they work as well as comparable commercial grill/flattops I worked with in restaurants. I'm not sure if the wok attachment is standard, but if not, you should seek that out if you like to stir-fry. It is amazing.

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              About 15 years ago Costco had a Camp Chef 3 burner x 30k btu outdoor stove, around $250. We lived in SoCal, and grilled year round, so I thought, This looks cool. (We had a conventional electric element Thermador in the kitchen, no way to get decent stir-fry on that.)

              It was great! You could get a carbon-steel 16 in wok bottom to glow red in a few minutes, it was capable of searing/browning outsides of veggies while maintaining them crisp-textured inside. (If you wanted more-cooked, add a little water and cover to steam.)

              We finally, last fall, decided to install a "pro-style" range, and after researching the highest-heat ranges then on the market, BlueStar and Five Star, we saw Trevor's online-demos and pre-ordered a Culi, which our kitchen remodel crew installed in January.

              Today, I decided to test the Culi against the Camp Chef, by taking 63 degree water, 12 quarts, in a 20 qt 12 in diameter stockpot, and timing water-temp rise to 200F. The Camp Chef grate is 3 in above the burner, the Culi 1.75. At highest dial-setting both burners' flames hit the bottom of the pot, and spread about 9 inches,

              The Camp Chef won, 19 minutes 49 seconds, the Culi took 23 minutes 45 seconds. The Culi took an additional 20% time. Interestingly 30k v. 23 k is a 30% difference, so the Culi was "more efficient". I don't know if the CC would be faster with a lower grate (and wider flame spread on the bottom of the pan).