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Feb 28, 2011 04:24 PM

Farmers Market in Seattle or nearby areas

Hi. I'm coming to seattle in april. farmers markets are one of my favorite things. i'll of course head to Pikes probably a zillion times on my trip, but are there any local farmers markets you suggest? Thanks!

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  1. The farmers market in the University district is a good bet. The West Seattle farmers market will also be available. If you're here very late in April, the Columbia City farmers market (my local FM) will also be open.

    Here's a link to some more info:

    1. You'll stand out like tourist if you refer to Pike Place Market as Pikes. It's Pike Place Market or more simply The Market to locals. A word of warning, Clyde...

      Pike Place Market
      1501 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101

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        ha, thanks! good to know. The Market it is... also i guess i should mention that i'll be there on a thurs-sunday! not looking to take home any produce or anything like that- but i do love walking around those white tents.

      2. Go to the Sunday Ballard Farmer's Market. I think it's the best market, and it's in a great neighborhood on a nice shopping and restaurant street.

        Fyi, while PIke Place does have some farmer's stalls, it's actually a European style market rather than a true farmer's market.

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        1. re: christy319

          The "high stalls" are for resellers, the low are for producers.

        2. Each market has its own personality.

          I love the University Market best. They sell only food; no crafts. You'll find the widest variety of seasonal local food at this market. The market coordinators have really strict standards. No dogs allowed. Metered parking is pretty easy to find.

          If you are looking for a more festive experience, go to the Ballard Market on Sundays. The market is set up on a street that's lined with boutiques, cafes, and bars. It's great for strolling, people watching, hanging out. The selection of local foods is almost as good as the University farmers market. Ballard also has crafts vendors. Parking is a bother. But it's worth it for the fun you will have.

          This web site has the info on all the markets in WA. Not sure if it's up to date for the coming spring season.

          I used to live near Pike Place. I don't think you will find much local produce there in April. There are some good vendors and food stands there, selling merchandise from Washington, and all corners of the planet. But I wouldn't call it a farmers market.

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          1. re: val ann c

            if one defines a "farmers' market" as a place where the producer of a product sells it directly to the consumer, then pike place market has been - at least partially - a farmers' market since 1907 and continues to be one today. even in the depth of winter, there are stalls selling such "home made" goodies as honey, nuts, syrups, jams and cured meats. as the year progresses, there are additional growers setting up booths both inside the long north arcade and on the street in tent-like pavillions to sell stuff produced by their own hands from their own fields; the market is rather strict in this regard. wednesdays and fridays from april to october, the sales are limited to those growing strictly organically; other days present conventional growers - but ALL (except the 'high stalls' mentiioned above) are direct from the producer to the consumer. yes, the t-shirts and thrown fish and 1st starbucks are a huge pain but those crowds - CROWDS!! - of tourists spend piles of money and enable us to keep our wonderful market going - just avoid it on summer weekends between 10 am and 4 pm.

            1. re: howard 1st

              While that is true, there are so many non-food stores and restaurants (along with high stalls) in the market that the percentage of actual producers/farmers is pretty low. This isn't a slam--I love European markets, and Pike Place is a must see in Seattle. But someone who goes to Pike Place expecting a true farmer's market is likely to be confused if you describe it as such.

              Also avoid 10-4 weekdays during cruise ship season.

              1. re: christy319

                The cruise ships usually arrive on Thursdays and all of downtown is inundated with those searching for cheap t-shirts and caps.

            2. re: val ann c

              I agree that the U-District Market is best and that Ballard is also great - U-District on Saturday and Ballard on Sunday would be fun. You will see some of the same vendors at both markets.