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Feb 28, 2011 03:40 PM

Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries has great food and real milkshakes!

SO good. Great burgers, can get whole wheat buns, not greasy, nice atmosphere and friendly professional service. The fries are the best.

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  1. And where might we find this place?

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    1. re: freakerdude

      in the Shops at Boca Grove on Powerline (southwest of Glades). Enjoy!

      1. re: color

        Y'know, when you use the internet social networks to promote a place, it behooves you to mention the address of the place you're flogging. Dates and time of opening might be helpful, as well as the telephone number, number of seats in the place, decor, and what kind of soap is in the loo.

        Just sayin' . . .

      2. re: freakerdude

        Its on Powerline Between Glades Rd and Palmetto,(South of Glades Rd) on the West side... I would call it an O.K. Burger joint, you cant order the wellness of your burger, The fries are ok, mine were kind of soggy, not that crispiness that you cant stop eating...I did try them on their second day open, so Im sure they have some growing pains to work out...Hopefully they get better.