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Feb 28, 2011 03:29 PM

Help me find "powdered sour" [moved from Home Cooking]

I've been going through a Polish cookbook of mine with the desire to make Polish Rye like many places here in Chicago. Just wondering if anyone has a suggested source for "powdered sour" which the author describes as "An integral ingredient that gives Rye bread its distinctive mellow, tangy, sour flavor. Powdered sour is available at any quality baking supply house or through mail order"

1) What is a good source for this either online or in Chicago? A cursory search of the internet did not help me immediatley . . which leads me to
2) Searching for "powdered sour" reveals links to "powedered sour cream" . . same thing? related?

It was suggested elsewhere this may be the same thing, is it?


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  1. I suspect "sour salt" or citric acid. My Hungarian mother used it when she wanted sour flavour without vinegar or lemon juice.

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      Yes, it;s definitely sour salt. google that and you will find many sources. If you check spice aisles when you shop different store you could also find it local to you.

      I love that stuff, eat it straight!

    2. Sour salt or powdered buttermilk. Maybe.

      1. I found citric acid powder/sour salt at Agway during canning season but am nto sure if it is sold year-round.

        1. It is sour salt. I've seen it stocked by spices, salts, Kosher and seasonal/canning sections at grocers. In most areas it will be a seasonal item. You might want to check your local Ace Hardware - they seem to keep some canning supplies on hand year round.

          I've mainly seen it sold in a plastic container, a little shorter than an oatmeal cylinder. It lasts a while and is fairly inexpensive.

          1. I buy citric acid at my local Indian or Persian markets. If you have one nearby, look in the spice aisle.