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Feb 28, 2011 02:54 PM


I recently returned from Florence. At a chocolate festival near Santa Croce a woman was selling a cookie with the name Malefemmina. Does anyone know of a recipe for this cookie or its history? I bought one and it was light (made with egg whites) and sweet.

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  1. In Italian, MALEFAMMINA (male female) is applied to pene pasta dishes. I've never seen it applied to cookies.
    Can you tell us more about this cookie and its form?,1918,1...

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    1. re: todao

      Male (pronounced ma-lay) means "bad" in Italian, so the name of this cookie is actually "bad woman," not male female.

    2. I wondered if they weren't the Love Knot Cookies, but those are lemony and most recipes use whole eggs.

      1. The cookie was wavy with distinct ridges, like it had been piped. It was oval and about 2 inches high and two inches wide.

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        1. did you taste any almond or pignoli (pine nut) in them? and what was the texture like? really crisp/crunchy? crumbly? did they have any chewiness or softness to them?

          1. I have never heard of a cookie called "M A L A F E M M E N A" which is not strange since in Italy there are thousands of regional specialties. Roxlet is right Malafemmena means (dialectal) bad woman, woman of ill-repute. It is the title of a famous Napolitanian song of the Fifties.