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Anyoe tried Ikaros in Oakland?

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I've been complaining about the lack of Greek food in the area and recently noticed this place in Grand Lake. Anyone have any experiences there?

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  1. How new is it? Just noticed it for the first time yesterday. Dd this used to be dry cleaners?

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      Yelp notes soft opening 2/3/11.

      1. We are right in the neighborhood and had been watching in anticipation once we saw the sign go up a while back. We went for a Friday night dinner in what I think was their first real week opening, and it was a promising first meal at a new, family-owned place. Some lacks in service as they haven't quite hit the groove. We had to ask for an appetizer that never came, and the waitress dropped pita on the floor (but promptly brought more). I don't know great Greek food, but this seemed right on par for average casual Greek, not fast-food style like some gyro joints. Among the four of us, we tried a decent mix of things. In our group we had a spanakopita dinner, lamb gyro, mezze platter, and something I can't remember. Reports on the food were all happy. The baklava was alright, but didn't quite seem worth the price and I'm not convinced it was made on site.

        The owners and staff were super friendly and tried to be really attentive. We'll be going back.


        1. Here's the link for Ikaros Greek Restaurant. It's been in the restaurants and bars database for some months now. Maybe someone associated with the restaurant put it in with the website and all.

          Ikaros Greek Restaurant
          3268 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

          1. Tried Ikaros for take out tonight. We were pleasantly surprised.

            Chicken souvlaki (3 skewers for $14 over orzo or potatoes) was perfectly cooked, tender with a nice char.

            Greek Meatballs (Keftedes) were tasty (6 meatball for $7 served over a thick tzatziki)

            Nice sized serving of hummus for $5.50 served with toasted pita. Not the best I've had but serviceable.

            Village salad (greek salad) was slightly under dressed but nice and crisp. Nice hunk of high quality feta helped.

            Mediterranean salad was over dressed, but the lemony dressing was light enough that the salad was still decent.

            All told, not an amazing meal but good enough to make me want to return and try other items.

            They plan on starting delivery in a few weeks.

            The restaurant itself is a beautiful space. And the staff was friendly if disorganized.

            1. We had an early dinner at Ikaros on Friday night. We got there around 5:30 and it was pretty full and was totatlly filled when we left an hour later. It's a nicer ambiance that I was expecting. Food was quite good so I wanted to give it a plug since there are not many good Greek restaurants in the area. We ordered fried calamari, mousaka, spanakopita, chicken souvlaki, and drinks. We gobbled up the calamari pretty quick. They serve warmed bread that the kids loved. Souvlaki came with rice and both were very flavorful. The Spanakopita appetizer was served in triangles along with some tzatziki. It was good but I make it with more feta so I didn't think it was a flavorful as I'm used to at home. The mousaka is served in a small casserole piping hot. It came with a Greek salad that was simple and very good. Somehow the tomoates were tasty and the dressing had a good flavor with the oregeno. Once the mousaka cooled down, I really enjoyed the flavors. I was a little surprised to see some sliced potato in the dish but it was still very good and I'd reorder.

              The menu is pretty large with lots of good and interesting items that I hadn't seen before. One of the people next to us had the beef souvlakia and it looked delicious cooked rare. Now the tables are pretty close which is why I could see the doneness of the meat pretty good. But all and all, a fun place to go. It's not inexpensiveb but the decor is nicer that you might expec t. Service was friendly and very attentive.

              Ikaros Greek Restaurant
              3268 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

              1. Combo platter ($15.50): melitzanosalata was really good, smoky and creamy, skordalia with beets was good, hummus a little bland by comparison, warm pita thin but more flavor than most places. Good value.

                Gyigantes ($9): big portion of beans with tomato and dill and a good amount of toast. Good value.

                Melitzanes ($7.25): five slices of hot fried eggplant, nice, with a lot of excellent, thick tzatziki.

                Keftedes ($7.50): tasty crisp meatballs with another big portion of tzatziki.

                Almost had enough pita and toast to polish off everything.

                1. The staff are salt of the earth in looking after you. Portions are generous. Taramosalata is our favorite Greek dip; Ikaros's is mild to our taste, but then it's a long way to Detroit or Chicago . . .