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Feb 28, 2011 01:30 PM

Rye Bread in RI

Where would you say you can get the best rye bread in Rhode Island?

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  1. our daily bread on gooding in bristol.its bristol bakerys store,bb makes bread and rolls for alot of local restaurants,and they make a really good rye.

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      1. LeFavorite bakery in Warwick (Gov. Francis) makes both a fine rye and a pumpernickel. Almost as good as Widoff's in Worcester. The latter is actually worth the hour drive from here for the very best bulkies and black bread. The real deal.

        1. Many people say Rainbow Bakery in Cranston makes the best rye bread.

          1. I am a Rye Bread fanatic espically with Corned beef. Its too bad the University doesnt sell bread IMO there isnt a place in R.I that could make the many different types of breads espically Rye. as them.

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              LaSalle Bakery in Providence makes a very good rye bread, and they usually sell out quickly.