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Feb 28, 2011 01:15 PM

Mayo Questions: Small and thick...

When I need to make perfect Mayo, I drag out the food processor. Though, it makes a ton and I end up tossing most of it unless I'm doing something like making lobster salad for 40. I have an immersion blender which makes Mayo with varying degrees of success. The last batch came out with the texture of lightly whipped cream. The recipes I use tend to make close to 2 cups which is still more than I need.

What I would like to be able to do is reliably make 1/2 cup of mayo which is thick in texture without doing it by hand and getting carpel tunnel syndrome. Any suggestions?

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  1. Use an Immersion blender instead of the food processor. It requires fewer ingredients and does a better job.

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      At least in my experience it has been the opposite, What is your recipe/ Method?

    2. Since I use two egg yolks, juice of a lemon, a little Dijon, and a cup of oil I would try one egg yolk and halve everything else by hand.

      1. The secret of using the stick blender is to add eggs first along with your ingredients, then oil on top, then push stick blender to the bottom, then turn on and slowly pull up. Also to use a jar whose diameter is just a bit larger than blender's workface.

        Take a look at these two threads:

        1. I use a standard blender you plug into the wall :) and make small batches all the time. By removing the small pop out top space in the plastic lid I'm able to drizzle a nice stream of oil as the rest of the mixture blends.

          Here's a suggestion using an electric whisk:

          1. If you have a mortar and pestle it is very good for this purpose.