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Feb 28, 2011 01:11 PM

Suggestions for Anniversary dinner Lower/Midtown Manhattan ( last minute!)

hey all my wife and I decided last minute to go out for our anniversary this year and i am not sure where to go . ( in 2 days!! gotta the love kids haha)

my wife likes really good steak and i prefer rack of lamb or lamb chops
We prefer a not so stuffy environment cause we just want to have a good time and food. Even a bar/restaurant is good for us. Since we gotta drop off the kids we dont have time to change.

some i have found via web searching

Nelson Blue (seaport)
Bouley ( tribeca)
Blue Ribbon ( village??)
Steak house is fine

We would like to spend around 100-150 for the both of us.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Web searching is just too big for me to plan last minute, so i wish for more direct input.

Nelson Blue
233 Front St, New York, NY 10038

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  1. While I adore Bouley, it is too expensive for you.

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    1. re: ellenost

      thanks Ellen, i was calculating and think a dinner for us at Bouley is around 225 with tax/tip.

      1 or 2 appetizer
      2 glasses of wine

      Is there a mandatory dress code? like i said earlier we don't have time to change. We get off work and pretty much head straight to the restaurant, we wont be in jeans and sneaker but also no suit and tie.

      1. re: wing1

        There is no dress code at Bouley (no requirement for jacket or tie), but Bouley is the kind of restaurant that one doesn't go too casual (I'm sure there are folks that like to push the "envelope" on this). As long as your wearing nice slacks and a button-down shirt (no t-shirts), you'll be fine. Have a great time if you go, and Happy Anniversary!

    2. Keens! She can have steak, you can have the lamb. It's casual and depending on what you drink, you will fall within your budget. It's also just a great place that is not at all stuffy.

      1. Locanda Verde

        Locanda Verde
        377 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

        1. Maybe Raoul's? I like the vibe of the back garden area and I don't believe it's THAT difficult to get a reso. Locanda Verde is on our list to hit up, but I think it's a bit harder to get a reso.

          Locanda Verde
          377 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

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          1. re: kim e

            I second the rec for Keens. Steak, excellent mutton chop fairly casual environment. Blue Ribbon is also casual and you could do dinner within your budget depending on your drink choices. However, the steak is just okay there as is the lamb.

            1. re: deabot

              thanks all ! i will be reading up on those suggestions. i thought about Keens but wasnt sure if my lady can eat those montrous steaks haha

              I will have to call for reservations tomorrow for the same evening (perhaps that will choose it for me ). i was so swamped at work today i didnt even get a chance.

            2. re: kim e

              I like The Odeon, too. Bet if you call Locanda, you can get in. Or how about Brasserie EN?


              1. re: scotty27

                Ok here is the update: we ended up at Bouley and it was definitely a wonderful experience. Service was great, prob since we where early? 6pm dinner. Only one other couple was in the main room.

                Decor was nice, and fitting for the type of restaurant. Nothing much else to say honestly.

                Once we got seated we were treated with a complimentary pumpkin soup. It was delish, flavors were simple and clear.

                For apps we had the porcini and some shrimp seafood. Ingredients were fresh as can be. We really enjoyed it, wish the Porcini pot was bigger.

                Entree we had sea bass and rack of lamb. The lamb was excellent. Wife enjoyed the sea bass aswell.

                For sweets we had the peach and soufle. It was just heavenly but too sweet with the other complimentary cookies and flan. Sumatra coffee was on point too.

                Overall we enjoyed it and would return someday.

                Sorry crappy review on iPhone doing this, please excuse grammar and spelling.

                1. re: wing1

                  Glad you had a good time. I'm heading back to Bouley for dinner on Friday night. Your post came out fine on the iPhone. Just got an iPhone myself, and am having a tough time learning to type on the virtual keyboard. It takes too long for me.