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Feb 28, 2011 01:02 PM

More bubble tea in the Mid-Hudson Valley!

I was driving down Rt. 52 in Wappingers Falls today and noticed a sign for Harajuku Asian Cafe. The space is pretty big, with an extensive menu and fairly large, well-lit seating area. I only had the taro bubble tea, which was decent. The menu looks pretty interesting though. I would have definitely ordered the pork 'n' chive dumplings or the Shanghai juicy buns, if I hadn't just eaten lunch. The cashier said that they had been open for a few months.

I also checked out Formosa Cuisine near Marist College in Poughkeepsie about a month ago. It is tucked behind Kona Coffee House on Marist Dr., with a nondescript entrance; however, when you walk in, the space is huge. I tried a steamed pork bun (under $2) and the taro bubble tea. The pork bun was much bigger than I anticipated. It was stuffed with savory pork. Delicious. I would say it was about the size of a dessert plate. The taro bubble tea was also very good.

Formosa Cuisine doesn't have a website, but they do have a Facebook page:

I'm still a huge fan of Twisted Soul's ( lychee bubble tea, but it's nice to see a few more bubble tea places in the area.

Harajuku Asian Cafe
1906 Rte 52, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

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  1. are "juicy buns" xiao long bao?? if so, my wife will be very psyched...

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      I think so, but I haven't tried them. I hope they're good. We need a decent Chinese (or I guess pan-Asian) place around here.

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        We have been looking for authentic Chinese/ Asian food without the MSG and grease...and we finally found it. The Hong Kong Cantonese wonton noodle soup is just as comforting and satisfying as any noodle soup on Mott St. They serve it with traditional red vinegar if you ask for it . Harajuku definitely satisfies my cravings for my hometown Chinatown food. It's the only place in Dutchess that I know of that serves this kind of wonton. The beef chow fun is extremely smooth, not clumpy, and savory and the juicy buns are great. They are authentic to the cantonese cuisine. We just tried their sticky ribs; they were well seasoned and were falling off the bone. They were not the typical dry tough ribs with the red food coloring. They were the type of ribs we would have at home (I'm Asian) . The udon noodles are cooked well and they will serve it with any soup or topping you want. They selection of hot sauces are interesting. We look forward to the other selections and fusion creations they offer. My husband loves the teriyaki chicken banh mi . It's not the type you would get from NYC but very flavorful. The whimsical decor with Godzilla is fun and cool. Our kids definitely appreciate it.
        Definitely worth the trip and a lot closer than Flushing or NYC.

        1. re: pbjc

          sounds great, we'll have to give it a try. juicy buns are cantonese? I thought they come from shanghai...

          1. re: vinouspleasure

            I really don't know from where they originated, but we used to get them when we went out to dim sum . Where ever they came from,,, they're good eats!

      2. OK, so we ordered takeout from Harajuku Asian Cafe today. Pleased with the meal, especially since this is a pan-Asian menu with many, many offerings. The meal came out to around $30.

        Pork 'n' Chive Dumplings: a little on the doughy side, but decent. The flavor was a little lacking, but it was good for takeout.
        Fried Chicken Wings with Sweet Chili Sauce: I actually thought these wings were very good. It still had a nice crunch to it, even though we live about 15 minutes away. The flavor was great...a little kick of hotness at the end.
        Ma Po Tofu: My husband enjoyed this dish. He didn't like the buttery taste in the broccoli though. I felt the same way about my stirfry (more on that later).
        Beef Udon: The kids loved the noodles and beef. The noodles looked like they were cooked well.
        Wok It Your Way: Brown sauce with chicken, snow peas, broccoli, onions, and carrots: I wasn't a huge fan of this dish. The vegetables looked fresh, but, once again, the buttery taste was distracting. I don't think I would order this again.

        I was pleasantly surprised to see that they deliver on Fridays and Saturdays. There were about four other customers who came in to pick up their food...all Asian.

        Even though I've only had one meal here so far, I would definitely say that this place is better than the Chinese takeout places I've been to in the area.

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        1. re: applesauce23

          went with the family last night. had the korean taco, which worked well, and curry fish balls, which were ok (a very thick curry). wife had the juicy buns, which were xiao long bao. the dough was a little thick, and her only complaint was that there was too *much* pork inside the soup dumpling. a little bit of a hike for asian, but it's nice to know that there's a place she can go when she has the craving. oh, they also had several different spices (with the spoon inside a glass jar) if you wanted to put on the food, and they said they can adjust the spices as much as you'd like.

          i'd go back to try some of the other things i didn't get to try (the chicken wings, banh mi, and a couple of the other dishes), but the main reason we went was to see if my wife could find her dumplings!

          there weren't a lot of people coming in while we were there; we were the only people eating there (white american), there was one other white pickup, and a couple asian pickups.

        2. This is on my way home from work, I'll have to try it soon! It's actually in Hopewell Junction, not Wappingers. It looks like their menu is only halfway set up for online ordering (options to choose food, but you can't add it to your cart/order/etc.). If they do have online ordering I'll be excited. It looks like they just deliver on Friday and Saturday nights after 5 pm at the moment.

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          1. re: Solstice444

            They are actually located right near the Fishkill-East Fishkill border on route 52, roughly halfway between the Taconic and route 9. I have tried most of the dishes on the menu and find them consistently in the "very good" range. Certainly the best in the area. Menu is a good mix of Chinese, Japanese and Thai favorites, reasonably priced.

            1. re: scrapsofpaper

              I was wondering how the pad thai was. Is it decent?

              1. re: applesauce23

                I took my boyfriend there, and that's what he got. He said it was "very good". He doesn't get excited about food the way I do, so for him that is encouraging. I've found that almost everything on the menu is cooked really well. I have had a couple conversations with the owners and they are open to suggestions and feedback! I got to sample a cantonese spring roll while I was there, that later I saw on the menu. So I think they are always tweaking their dishes. I find that to be a good thing, because they really care about what they make.
                I think the website is finished, and it does support online ordering.