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Feb 28, 2011 12:58 PM

Beans / Rice / Salsa / Café Yumm–like Sauce layered bowl or wrap. Meat optional.

Have found this to be a general good way to eat that causes me to loose weight. This may sound too simple while works for me to break my routine in a good way.

I joined yesterday so thought would post a recent favorite around here on the farm. This warms me up and fills my belly eaten in moderation with great taste better than most other things for less expense. There are so many variations one meal can be different from the next time you put it together and I do not get tired of eating this. It can be nibbled throughout the day cold or re-warmed. I usually eat it in a bowl as layers with different textures and flavors in my mouth in every spoonful. Sometimes roll in wraps and freeze for quick meals later. It is made with:

o Rice. Any kind or a mix for good texture. I like brown rice especially in this.

o Beans. Start making beans with link below modified as follows: I make a double batch as it takes time. Start by soaking 2-3 pounds of dry beans overnight (I use pinto or small red beans). Drain. Slow boil 30 minutes. Drain. Add all ingredients except salt / tomatoes with small carrot chunks added. I use rendered bacon bits substituted for the ham hock. Boil in a good turkey stock until beans are almost tender. Then add a large 28oz can of whole tomatoes buzzed in a blender half a can at a time into a salsa thick consistency without chunks with the salt in the last half hour. It typically takes about 3 hours total cooking time. When done it tastes like bean and bacon soup with salsa slow cooked. NOTE: (taste stock when you open it before you add as some stocks are terrible - water is better than using bad stock)

o Meat (optional). Any kind pork, beef, or chicken - grilled is better than not grilled. And I like to use a Mexican stew with a sauce based on chipotle / tomato / honey / cumin flavors slow cooked where the meat holds in chunks but falls apart when eaten. Can share how I make Mexican stew if anyone wants it.

o Sauce. Based on blended smooth garbanzo beans, fresh lemon juice, fresh garlic, and powdered almonds. Flavored with either curry as is the ‘original’ or being a spicy kind of guy I sometimes like replacing the curry with a few well blended chipotle peppers with adobo sauce to taste at the end. Start making sauce with the link below modified as follows: hear soybeans have estrogen so as a man double the garbonzos to two cans and I omit the oil using a little extra water instead. This is a mayo substitute with no oil spread I also eat on my sandwiches and is good chicken / capers / celery. I like it better than ranch on many things now after having it around to munch on. Note: Cafe Yumm recently started in Eugene, OR is on a few lists as one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the USA partly due to the Yumm Sauce in their flavor combinations:

o Cheese (optional) – in chunks or grated. When I add cheese it is cheddar, while find for myself cheese is adding fat so I very often skip it.

o Salsa (optional) – as much or as little as you like. I eat a few spoonfuls. Current favorites that seem to be about $2.50 for 24 oz are Chachies in the refrigerated section by cheese at Winco, Pace hot picante not medium / mild, or make home made fresh salsa which is best when have tomatoes / onions / chili peppers around (love them out of my garden).

o (optional) Drizzle rice or top with an intensely olive tasting Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil. Information on reasonably priced decent tasting ones is at:

o (optional) Drizzle the rice or top with home made ranch / blue cheese and a few drops of a spicy hot sauce. We like habanero sauce for $1 at the local Dollar Store. Some like more hot sauce added than others while be careful not to add too much or will take over the dish.

Enjoy! The more layers of flavor the better I seem to like this. Every bite is a flavor explosion. For those of you without a Café Yumm around try this and you will find it is a flexible affordable satisfying way to eat at home. In the Caribbean they live on rice & beans and used to think they were all crazy, but after living on this for a while with great results in my waistline understand why meat isn’t always needed. Possibly having it around to nibble on all the time is helping me eat about six small meals a day is also a factor. Happy to be going down when step on the scale. It is a nice meal with all the layers or only some of them. Have fun and get creative. Similar to lasagna where flavors combine this makes awesome left-overs. It also freezes well in wraps closed in plastic wrap to be re-heated quickly or on the go. Questions, comments, and ideas to improve are appreciated.

~ SMaki

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  1. The creamy thick resulting sauce is a substitute for: mayonnaise, sour cream, yogurt, salad dressing including ranch / blue cheese / 1000 Island.

    For example, I use this sauce as a binder for a fantastic mind blowing grilled boneless chicken / capers / celery salad.

    Experimenting with other sauce variations for example sometimes use lime juice and a different citrus combination. Once we make a base sauce it is easy to test various flavors at home. We can take it to the next level beyond the three basic sauces Café Yumm sells that got me started. Think hummus on steroids with citrus and nuts that can be flavored of various thickness based on planned use. Works as a spread / dip made thick and thinned as a sauce / dressing. This was a revolutionary cooking idea for me to be eating protein instead of fats in a thick flavorful sauce. I make the sauce with no oil and use it that way most of the time. I have learned to appreciate variations of the basic sauce on many things. I eat it on pasta and even salads.

    1. Salsa update: Found a new favorite last night. Reser's Baja Cafe Pico De Gallo Salsa in the refrigerated section at Winco on sale for $1.78 for 24oz. They say medium while seems hotter than a normal Reser's medium to me. This is not as watery with big chunks as the regular Reser's salsa, a finer grind into a thick pulp. This new to me Reser's is chunky and better than Chachies / Pace at the normal price and right now at Winco costs less.

      Also have been adding olives and fresh avocado chunks as well to my layered dishes and find it adds when have around.

      1. Thanks for this! Huge Cafe Yumm fans here; we sometimes buy the sauce to make the bowls at home but I haven't tried making it myself yet. It's a hit with my kids, too.

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          girlconder88, You will never regret giving it a try at home. Is a rock solid healthy and good tasting way to eat.

          All needed is a blender and be careful to not smoke it with enough water and stirring more often than you possibly feel needed the first few times you make the sauce. All of it combined, is relatively simple compared to other meals with different ingredients. Can be made ahead of time and like better left over. Not comfortable taking my tablespoon and 1/4 cup to Winco even if clean so eyeball it and use their scoopers to make every batch fresh while not the same as poor in whatever comes home in the little bags. Love the bulk food section at Winco as find it all turns over fast and is very fresh. If want to speed the cookin' process used canned beans instead of dry.

          Find it a style of eating. Did not expect to enjoy when can have several times a day in smaller sample-like sizes to me surprisingly filling. My son, now after eating home-made here says wants to take it to work to enjoy in his rotation. He ate in Eugene all last weekend instead of pizza and burgers many meals with abducted college friends (son graduated as a Duck last year with several years of Cafe Yumm experience under his belt). Like to have son's advice as a trusted taste tester who will tell me if it sucks! Family and friends around here are food-o-holics as well who will say it how it is. So lets share and make it the best it can be.

          Eating a bunch of small bowls at home is way more convenient than it will ever be to go out. Some people will never make this stuff, so maybe we should start delivery where six times a day is fine free as part of it fresh as you want them when / where desired. Do enjoy it cold on the go with layers of flavor and texture - this stuff is versatile so sometimes cold or cold mixed in is better than totally warm. Who likes warm salsa or blue cheese dressing? Not me with it while a drizzle of either if around adds. Could have tried to say it was my creation here on CH, but then someone like you would have caught me so wanted to give credit where I got started in Beaverton as worked walking distance away.

          It is fun to experiment with your own flavors of sauce as we do. Perfecting chipotle lime as well as others stay tuned. Do not seem to like as much with lettuce or meat, while maybe is just me. Still eat with some mixed in to be sure less and less. Not just making because cheap - while happy to admit am.

          Check out my profile with posts you will see, am a carnivore who loves a good steak with a crust almost cold inside when know where it came from and always will. Never thought would way it, more vegetarian than once thought. Maybe I should have learned this earlier my waistline with scale are telling me. Not eating a mono-diet is best. I try to eat about the size of the palm of my hand in a bowl six times a day and is quick to grab when feel the need to munch. Wraps add usually bad stuff so would rather have a bowl myself usually. While this kind of stuff does make the best burritos on planet earth. With this kind of layered thing we all can mix it up to break the daily routine. To keep eating interesting. Add or subtract what each individual wants as each bowl is made fresh individually before eating and not the same based on personal taste.

          Similar to a sandwich, sake, or even a cold beer it sometimes is better when someone else gives it to you when you didn't expect it. Having it always around and EZ is key. The only time I've had meat in the last couple weeks was because of a craving, which seems to be happening less and less. Could all the people in India and around the world be right? I just can not admit I’ve been so totally wrong my whole life yet. These bowls and wraps are better than a steak or salad to me now. And eat those too often to mix things in. Believe in layers of flavors.

          Still a food glutton who is trying to control proportions as find eating often small helps me.