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Feb 28, 2011 11:20 AM

Late Night Dining-Oakville

My daughter is arriving on the train at 9:30PM Saturday. Looking for some dining options in the Oakville area. She has a fondness for higher end Italian. As an alternative, any healthy dining options would be great.


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  1. Can't speak to how good the first one is but you might want to check into Lattitude or the chain (but fairly consistent) Il Fornello's - both in the Dorval and N Service Rd area (not too far from train station). Former indicates they are open later on Saturday (but probably best to call ahead).

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      Great start. Thank you. It has been sometime since I have eaten at Il Fornello, any thoughts?

      1. re: spine64

        Been awhile for us too, (we rarely get out unfortunately) but the few times we've been to this location, we've had a very nice meal (even with youngsters in tow). There is another new Italian place in Oakville, but it would mean a longer drive north-ish. On Dundas (Hwy 5) just east of Hwy 25 on the south side - The Olive Press. Heard good things about it. I think your bigger challenge is finding something open late on a Saturday as I see Il Fornello is only open until 10:30 PM and the Olive Press is only until 10 (guess we're not night owls here!). You might have better luck looking at what is in Downtown Oakville- Hope you can find something! Oh, and I just thought of the new Oliver and Bonacini cafe grill at the Oakvile Place mall - but again - closes at 10

        Olive Press
        2322 Dundas St W, Oakville, ON L6M4J3, CA

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          I appreciate all your contributions. Her train arrives at 9:11PM, so we should be able to make either choices. I do hate being the last customers, always feel rushed, and not sure if food is prepared with as much care.
          We are staying at the Holiday Inn @ Bronte, and will be looking for lunch spots on Sunday. thinking of Whole Foods for a snack for her train ride home. Would you know the proximity of Whole Foods to train station?
          Thanks again,

          1. re: spine64

            Whole Foods is just across the road, on the southeast corner opposite the train station.

            For late night food in Oakville we always used to hit Howard Johnson's which was open 24 hours, but that was in the 70's. I'm not even sure it's still there, and the food was only good if you were inebriated.

    2. Not far from the Oakville Go Train is Monfort :

      It used to be the standard place that we would go for family meals however, it seemed like the quality of the ingredients the last time I went were not as good as previous times a few months earlier. I am pretty sure they are open until 2am or something on Saturday though so that might be a good backup plan!

      1. The best late night food in Oakville is from Lourice IMO (Trafalgar & Marlborough Court). Very wide variety of menu choices, from pasta to kebabs to shawarma. Open until 4AM I believe, very very popular with the college nearby