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Feb 28, 2011 11:03 AM

Where to buy organ meats?

I am looking to purchase organs (liver, heart, etc.) preferably from grass-fed, pasture raised animals. Does anyone know of a grocer/butcher in town that offers this?

I live downtown but travel to the Memorial area/The Woodlands quite a bit so places close the these areas would be best. I've looked at the Eastside Farmer's Market and Georgia's Farm to Market with no luck. Whole Foods will order beef hearts but you have to purchase 40 pounds at a time. (Anyone willing to split this with me, let me know!)


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  1. I'm surprised at Georgia's; I know sometimes they have more product than other times. Have you checked other farmers markets? Both Eastside and Discovery Green are run by Urban Harvest now. Check their website then maybe check with the vendors themselves to see when they're going to show up. I'm pretty sure I've seen an organic meats purveyor at the Rice U FM but don't know about organ meats. Or look at the list of local suppliers on the Feast website and contact some of them directly?

    Not organic or grass-fed but any supermarket is going to carry liver; I've seen beef heart at Fiesta and at the big FoodTown on BW 8 @ Beechnut. Fiesta probably has things other than heart and liver, too.

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      Thanks for the reply Bruce! I will take your hint and try Georgia's FTM one more time and hopefully be able to contact one of the Feast suppliers.

      Thanks again!

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        You might try Pete's Fine Meats on Richmond, east of Chimney Rock. The seem to have the biggest selection and are willing to get things out of the ordinary.

      2. Since you also posted this request on the Katy Meat Market thread, I'll chime in to say that most carnecerias have organ meats displayed and can probably get what you need.

        There are only slightly fewer of those in town than there are Starbucks.

        You should also try the Oriental markets, (Hong Kong Market on Bellaire for instance), or Fiesta.

        Good luck.

        1. Not sure what they offer, but Jolie Vue may fit the bill, and they deliver.

          1. Thank you all for the recommendations! While at the Eastside Farmer's Market this Saturday I found a new (to me) vendor that sells grass-fed beef sweetmeats, soup bones and other offal as well as chicken livers and hearts. They also have uncured bacon which I've been looking for as well.

            Here's their information:

            Olde World Farms
            John & Karla McLaughlin
            P.O. Box 428
            Montgomery, Texas 77356

            Phone: 936-597-3999
            Cell: 281-703-5315

            I'm not sure about delivery (didn't ask) but if you call or email John or Karla what you would like, they will set it aside at the Saturday's Market for you.

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              I realize this is an old thread, but "uncured bacon"?

              Isn't that just pork?

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                Cuts of meat is not really my best area of culinary expertise but I've always thought that "uncured bacon" was just pork belly which is pretty easy to find. Maybe the poster meant "unsmoked" bacon which is a little harder to find in the US.

                I do sometimes want bacon without that strong, distinctive smoke flavor but discovered years ago that, if you parboil the bacon, you'll get rid of it.

              2. May I recommend Yonder Way Farm in Brenham? They deliver once per month to several different locations in Houston, from the Woodlands to the Heights to Katy and beyond. Their website lists all of the locations and also contains the order form. They have organ meats for chicken, pork, and beef---and of course, the regular cuts. They also have farm eggs and raw milk and it all lasts for at least a month so it is a one-stop shop. Highly recommended!

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                  I heartily second the recommendation of Yonder Way Farm. They are delightful people to deal with and their meats and eggs are excellent. They now have a vegetable farmer and are starting to get a CSA going. Check out their website to see when their next open farm day is! Great fun and very interesting.