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Feb 28, 2011 10:20 AM

one day only in Montreal - places to eat close to Bell Centre?

We are going to Mont Tremblant to ski but are coming to Montreal for one day only (to see a hockey game Bruins vs. Habs) on Tu 08 March 2011.

We will prob park and take metro to downtown area - me, my husband, our 14-yr old daughter, and roam around before the game.

Any suggestions for good, family-friendly, budget-conscious (broke from skiing!) places to eat? We are adventurous eaters and like all types of ethnic cuisine, but also happy with pub food or pizza as long as the venue is OK for a 14-yr old. Not looking for anything fancy as we'll probably all be in boots & jeans.

Suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance.

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  1. dominion square tavern is nearby but bistro food may not appeal to 14 yr old, you could venture a bit farther to edge of old montreal for fish and chips if your daughter likes fish, you could actually share two plates for the three of you and try an appetizer as well.
    and not too far away is a cupcake shop (next door to christmas shop) beside Notre Dame church but only open til 6pm. We tried the maple cupcake and oreo/marshmallow cupcake last week and enjoyed both. They even have jewellery in form of cupcakes.
    --also not far from bell centre there is a vegetarian buffet that appeals with taste and colour +variety so might interest a teenager, has dessert buffet as well; all by weight but max. price: you never pay more than $13.50 at lunchtime til 4pm or $16.50 after 4pm. And at Commensal, you don’t have to leave a tip! Normally just goes by weight so could even pay less if choose lighter weight items, Has nice view as on 2nd floor (bit tricky to find door on mcgill college) overlooking ste catherine street.

    1. I would probably suggest one of the place around Chinatown 2, which is kind of centred around the Guy-Concordia metro station, and is about a 15 min walk from the Bell Centre.

      There are lots of threads on the boards about the restaurants here (which are all pretty basic in decor, but have fantastic food, are family friendly, and are very affordable) My favourites are Sorgho Rouge (formerly Oui and Oui), Maison du Nord and Qing Hua Dumpling.

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      1. I believe I have the perfect venue: Café Griffintown. The food is delicious and inventive, not too too expensive (menu, with prices, is online), and it's close to the Bell Centre (about a 10-minute walk). The atmosphere is very warm, with brick walls, high ceilings, friendly people. The only thing is, it will probably be a little quiet on a Tuesday, as many of your fellow game-goers will unwittingly choose one of the nearby tourist traps, Irish pubs, sports bars, or all-around terrible restaurants for their pre-game feasting.

        Make sure you go to the one at 1378 Notre-Dame Ouest as there is another place with the same name a little further west, on the same street. Not saying that's a bad place, but I haven't been there and it's more of a café.

        All of the places/areas suggested by wilmagrace and unlaced are all really great, but perhaps not as close - I always find googlemaps is my best friend for gauging walking distances in strange cities.

        Have fun!

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        1. If you're really not looking for anything fancy and want decent budget conscious food, next door to the Dominion Square Tavern on Metcalfe Street is Dunn's Deli. I'm sure many foodies are ready to shoot me for recommending Dunn's, but it's basic, simple deli food - burgers, sandwiches, ok (not great) smoked meat, soups, salads, etc. And it's not expensive. five minute walk from the Bell Centre. Some form of a Dunn's deli has been around in Montreal for about 75 years.

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            Thank you for your input - very much appreciated by all in the family!

          2. Le Boucan on Notre Dame isn't that far from Bell Centre, and you don't need to dress up to go there. It's quite decent BBQ (for Montreal, at least...). Dominion Square Tavern might be fun, although it's definitely going to be pricier than Le Boucan.
            I will refrain from commenting about Dunn's, but let's just say I'd never send anyone there unless I really didn't like them...

            Le Boucan
            1886 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC H3J 2P2, CA

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              Thank you for your help - much appreciated!