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Feb 28, 2011 09:52 AM

Recs for BBQ in B-more (aside from Andy Nelson's)

Looking for BBQ in B-more. Any place I should check out? Andy Nelson's is on my list. (What should I order there?). I've already been to Big, Bad Wolf, which was nice.

Any thoughts on Rub, in South Baltimore?


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  1. ate at Rub a couple of weeks ago, eh, not that great. Andy Nelson's is much much better. Love the pulled pork and the potato salad.

    1. There's also Harborque which is tolerable but not great.

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        I've been to Harborque; it's down the street from my house. I agree. Not great.

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          I'd agree that Harborque is ok if you don't feel like traveling far (I also live in the Federal Hill area), but it never overly impresses me.

          A new place to check out is O's Breakfast and BBQ in Cross Street Market. I had stopped by to try a burger for lunch back around the holidays and the owner said that starting in the new year they'd have a number of other barbeque options to offer. Sure enough when I stopped by two weeks ago they had a full menu of barbeque options including both beef and pork ribs. I stopped by right as he was closing up and had sold out of ribs, but I had a pulled pork sandwich that was really good, better than anything else nearby. Great smoky flavor to the meat and a tasty sauce with a solid kick to it. A couple who were sitting at one of the small tables had a few ribs on their plates and they looked phenomenal, huge bones loaded with meat.

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            I've sort of wondered what the deal was with that place. I'll check it out in the next few days and report back.

        2. At Andy Nelson's....the 2 things I always order are either the pulled pork sammy or the dry ribs....depending on my mood. The sides are very, very good...especially the baked beans that have a great kick and the homemade cole slaw. Andy's does not have a liquor license but they are perfectly OK with you bringing a beer or 2 to wash the food down with. I have never had the brisket there or the pit beef......I have had chicken but prefer pork & ribs.

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            Totally agree that the pulled pork and the ribs are the things to order there. I've often said that I'd choose their pulled pork as my last meal, and nothing I've ever had has made me feel differently.

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              I went to Andy's a couple of weeks ago --during the flood, well, it was a flood in Cockeysville--and had a good pulled pork sandwich. My husband liked the brisket.

            2. We had terrible food and even worse service at Rub,Baltimore last year. From my previous post:

              1. I had a mixed experience at Rub. I wasn't impressed with the brisket either, and heard someone complaining about the ribs while we were there. The turkey was really good, though. Moist, smoky, delicious. I guess that isn't really barbecue though.

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                  I ate at AN's on St. Patricks Day and it was surprisingly very good. They got my order perfectly correct this time and the corn bread was NOT burnt to heck and dried out. I asked for a Jumbo Sammwich and actually got it this time. (Reg = bout 5oz; Jum = 8oz)
                  Make sure to always check your food before leaving...some days the cooks are drunk OR high or both apparently :(