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Feb 28, 2011 09:45 AM

Leaf Lard SE Michigan

Well, my final hope with Sparrow meats in AA fell through. They don't carry leaf lard any longer. Getting kind of frustrating as the pork pie pans are on their way from the UK and The River Cottage Meat book recipe is standing by. My only hope now is the Pork butcher on Saturdays at Eastern market (maybe if I ask them to make some special) and I am taking a four day class with Brian Polcyn next week at Schoolcraft.

Hopefully one of our industrious CHers will see some this week and advise. Thanks

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  1. I know people that will send it too you but they are out of state and they do not use factory pork at all. Let me see if maybe we can double up a order and save on some shipping. I am also trying to secure some Caul Fat.

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    1. re: JanPrimus

      Maybe I'm asking the wrong question. What lard are people using in pie crust if not leaf lard? I have experience with the Crisco, Butter, Hydro lard, store bought crust but this leaf lard thing has got me all fired up for meat pies.

      My concern about shipping is that I understand it's as perishable as butter. So, getting 5lbs in a pail (which I have seen on certain sites) would last me a very long time. We would also have to do it relatively soon (the benefits of MI winter). And, other than JP the pig afficianados aren't standing up to be counted.

      Does anyone have the number for the pig wrangler that comes to Eastern Market on Sat's.....

      1. re: goatgolfer

        The mailing is no problem. I get them all the time. They are sent frozen as a brick overnight in thick styrofoam boxes and mine has always arrived solid as a brick.

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          Hi goatgolfer. I get mine from Back Forty Acres in Chelsea, MI. (My excuse for driving to Ann Arbor). Supplies are hit and miss, though. It's from locally raised Tamworths, which is nice. Though the website doesn't mention it, they do sell it in individual vacuum wrapped packages, without having to by a whole pig! Regards--

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            Rules about bringing pork into the US change all the time, but, if you're interested in a more local source for not leaf, but not hydrogenated lard, try the European Market in Windsor, 1390 Walker Road. It's a Polish store, and something to see. Lots of unusual smoked fish products, pork lard with and without cracklings, and *sometimes* lard.

            ETA: this pork lard makes a freaking incredible pie crust. My husband (Christina's +1) usually does half lard/half butter. It's the only pie crust I've ever had that I thought was worth eating.

            1. re: missmind

              Lunch in Windsor on Wed. Called my mate and he says his aunty bakes all the time. I will inquire as I am going anyway. thank you.

              Does anyone know if the Polish Mkt Troy or Hamtramck would have this? I asked this weekend at Bozek's but my Polish is a bit rusty?

              1. re: missmind

                A friend from Windsor just called and a butcher at Windsor Market Square has it ($.79 cdn/lb) unrendered/frozen. European Market didn't carry it. Now the question is the border. The official site is silent on pork from Canada. Literally saying it depends. Well, at such a low price I may give it a go, declare it and see what happens. Thanks for the lead.

                1. re: goatgolfer

                  Got 3# of leaf lard (unrendered) at Bailey's Meat Market at Market Square Windsor. The place by itself is cool. Very intimate with a very large selection (in late winter).
                  Bailey's boss - Kathy - had many pounds (I got 3#) frozen @ $.79/lb CDN and was very clear that they could get frozen caul fat in 3 days (note JP).

                  As the site said it depended on the agent when crossing the border. "What do you do with the pork fat sir?" I make pies with it. "Interesting. See you soon." Gone.

                  So, first, I have the makings of rendered leaf lard via tha flyingpigs site


                  And if JP can't find a caul fat supplier we can make a run for the border.

                  I'm planning on making a closing post to this thread when I get the goods together with photos. Thank you to all who contributed and if we find a SE MI supplier of the basic itself (despite VTBs comments) let's do that.

                  Caul fat is next but JP is up to bat.

              2. re: goatgolfer

                People are using shelf stable lard to make pie crust. You can buy it at Meijer. It is common in Mexican cookery.

                1. re: momskitchen

                  Thanks. I have seen those manteca boxes but this particular English recipe calls for leaf lard and the hunt has been quite fun. I think you are right though, this will have to be my backup.

                  1. re: goatgolfer

                    FWIW, I've seen slabs of unrendered lard for sale at Honeybee.

                    1. re: missmind

                      I asked there last weekend (answer no) but since I will come back via bridge, I will inquire about raw/unprocessed which may have been my pregunta/problem.

                      Otherwise'; It's Motor Burger in Windsor on Thu: review to follow.

                      1. re: goatgolfer

                        It was in their little prepackaged meat area within the past month.

            2. I think they also sell it at Zingerman's, out at the bakehouse. You could call before heading out there.

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              1. re: grouper

                I don't know if it's leaf lard but they do sell it at the bakehouse. If anybody every needs some, let me know, I'm there at least once a week for lunch these days.

                1. re: oppsie

                  Did you find any lard in Japan?? (Inside joke).. I will Check out the bakehouse but I rendered the Canadian #3 and ordered some via internet from MN>.

                  1. re: goatgolfer

                    Not yet, I've delayed my trip until June to allow the radiation to properly seep into all foodstuffs in my quest to conceive a three-headed child. Or at least that seems to be what my family thinks is going to happen when I go.

              2. Possible source could be Jack's Meat Market on 10 mile and Meadowbrook in Novi. The owner is quirky but he's never given me anything but attentive service. Oh and AWESOME meat. You could call ahead to see if they have it.

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                1. re: charlesbois

                  I had a hard time getting a pork belly from him for when I made Porchetta a little while ago.

                2. I am personally not a fan of the pre-packaged lard....I think this article wraps it up better than I could.