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Feb 28, 2011 09:36 AM

Barbados- Long

Just got back Saturday from a week on the island. We stayed at Silver Point, which is at the southernmost tip of the island, very set apart from everything, and so we rented a car. The hotel restaurant actually wasn't too bad, except that they never had the flying fish ceviche for breakfast once, which my husband was looking for. Sampled the local bol jul (sp.) a timbale mane of salted cod and vegetables, with a coconut bake (scone/biscuit.) I had that 2 mornings and it was good. The Caesar salad I had one evening was wonderful, spicy cayenne dusted croutons and very flavorful. I also had the beef curry twice, hot. It was tasty and another pleasant surprise.

Monday- Mullins Beach Bar and Restaurant, based on recs from this board. Don't be fooled by the casual daytime atmosphere, dinner is NOT a time to toss a tee shirt over a still-damp bathing suit. Upscale with good food. I started with a Roquefort soufflé which was very good, then had a caeser salad (ok) and jerked beef Carpaccio (ok also.) My husband had shrimp cakes for a starter which were good, but the star of the evening was his lamb chops. Baby chops crusted with coriander and coffee, a red wine reduction and chunky mashed potatoes. This is now in his top three entrees ever.

Tuesday- Lobster Alive. We had 8:00 reservations but were very early and were able to take our table anyway. It seems that you have the table for the evening. Live jazz on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays is not to be missed. Being a native New Englander my lobster experience is most likely far above most people in quantity and quality (especially judging by the British women sitting next to us having champagne with theirs.) Lobster is a picnic food to us, but we did try it. It was ok; they boil it in salt water and then grill it with garlic butter. To me this made it tough. The lobster is served with plenty of vegetables and rice.
My husband had pickled octopus as a starter which he enjoyed, but could not finish the whole serving due to the acid and texture being overwhelming after a while. I had a conch and shrimp soup which had a lovely flavor, very little conch and shrimp. We noticed bags of frozen French fries coming out of the freezer at the beginning of the evening, which took the place down several notches. Fun with the music, but overpriced for what it is.

Wednesday- Il Tempio. Claims ‘Best Italian food in Barbados by Luciano Pavarotti.’ We started with beef Carpaccio (lovely, parmesan shavings, lemon juice, olive oil) and a mozzarella and tomato salad, very bland. Not a Caprese salad, just tomatoes and mozzarella. Next we all shared family-style (we had met another couple on a catamaran that day and went to dinner with them) ravioli with asparagus, fresh ricotta, tomatoes and white wine, Bolognese lasagna, ricotta cheese. The pasta was clearly homemade and wonderful. We had a cheese plate (the only one we found at any restaurant) and alfogato for dessert. The cheese plate had 4 cheeses with toasts and a fig jam, I could have had two.
We left satisfied, but not over full.

Thursday- Naru, in the Savannah Hotel, hands down the best meal of the week and in our top 5, ever. The service is outstanding, wonderful, friendly and efficient. The (owner?) Lisa greeted us as if we were old friends. If you have good sushi on a regular basis I would skip it here, it was very good, but only takes stomach room away from the other outstanding dishes, IMHO. Same for the tuna tartar, very good, but I would leave more room for the unusual food I couldn’t get anywhere else.

One such dish was assorted vegetables which we ordered not knowing that each plate comes with a nice addition of veg. (All of these plates are made for sharing if you wish.) The vegetables came sautéed in a light soy dressing with a spring roll filled with goat cheese and spring onions. Delicious.
Next we had the angus beef with wild mushrooms, cassava puree, fried sprouts and a soy balsamic reduction. We almost ordered another, it was that good.
Duck done two ways: seared breast and 2 small leg meat spring rolls, another soy balsamic reduction, though different than the beef.
Finally, we forced ourselves to share a dessert, fried custard with a cinnamon sugar crust, vanilla ice cream, spun sugar ‘sprouts’ and shaved chocolate on top.

Wonderful food, I would go back to Naru at least 3 times if I went for another week, honestly. Picture is of our dessert.

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  1. thanks for the report. i am leaving saturday for a week. also renting a car and staying on the southern part of the island. please, an estimate on prices of these dishes.

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      I really can't remember exactly, but the most expensive plate at Naru we had (the beef?) was $54 Barbados I believe ($27 US.)
      Lobster Alive was about $110 Barbados for the small (1 1/2 pond) lobster, but it is all meat served on a half shell.
      Mullins Beach had a steak I thought about which was $77 Barbados, I skipped it.
      Il Tempio was about $200 US for each couple, we also had a bottle of red wine and a bottle of Prosecco. If you are used to a usual Italian restaurant with heaping plates of pasta, this is not it, and though we did leave comfortable, I could have had 2 plates of the ravioli by myself.

      Nothing is cheap on the island, but as we were on holiday we splurged on these good restaurants and I'm very glad we did.

      Bear in mind also, there is a VAT added to every bill and a 10% service charge also, which most Americans are not used to, so we quickly learned.

      Have a wonderful time, I am jealous! I would go back in a minute.

      1. re: dennisl

        We were in Barbados in January...NARU was our best meal also....We can't wait to go back just to have that Beef dish. Will make sure we go there more than once next time. Also, went to Mullins at lunch time and had a great Caesar Salad with Dorado and a Fresh Tuna Melt that was excellent. Cafe Sol was another winner. Champers was good, but it was the setting that made it a winner. Go to Oistins for fresh grilled fish and Just Grillin for Flying Fish Sandwich.

        1. re: ncara

          We were in Barbados last week and asked our cab driver to take us to a local place (not touristy) for lunch - he took us to the Sand Dunes Bar and Restaurant, on the Emry Bourne highway between Belleplaine and Windy Hill on the northeast side of the island. (It was during the recent cricket world cup games, so most patrons were glued to the TV).

          Most of us had fried flying fish, plus we ordered a bowl of souse and pudding and breadfruit to try. It was all really good, although some objected to the souse (basically pickled pig parts). Very tasty, a little bit hot and spicy, and great when washed down with lots of Banks beer. My favorite was the flying fish: fresh, crispy, and nicely seasoned. Lunch and beer for 6 of us, plus the cab driver, including VAT and service charge, came to $198 Barbadan (about $14 US per person).