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Dec 29, 2005 03:56 PM

Petrillo's Pizza vs. Casa Bianca

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Hello All,

I've eaten at Casa Bianca since I was a kid a(grew up in Eagle Rock). I always order an XL Sausage and Garlic Pizza even if I'm just ordering for myself. I've never eaten at Petrillo's but have always wanted to try. I got a special friend coming over for dinner so I want to order something nice. When i took her to Casa Bianca she went back every week therafter for about 2 months.

My question is, has anybody tried both? Which place is better? If it's Petrillo's, what should I order (equivalent to above)?

Please help, thanks and happy new years!

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  1. For me, Casa Bianca is to Petrillos as Babita is to Acapulco.

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    1. re: martyR

      OWIE!!! :/

      I would say, they are different pizzas. Petrillos is the ultimate in soccer party pizza. Huge, great tasting, fresh and lots of ingredients.

      Casa Bianca is a nice place to go out for pizza. I like both pizzas... but if you are looking for a Casa Bianaca experience at Petrillos, save your gas money...


      1. re: Dommy!

        That did come across pretty harshly didn't it :)

        But for me, Casa Bianca is the best pizza in L.A., by far. I love the sausage and garlic with their crispy crust. I'm envious of the original poster because it took me thirty years living here before I tried it.

        1. re: Dommy!

          Can not compare the 2, they are very different. Both great in their own way. I just can not deal with the wait a Casa Bianca sometimes and have to go to Petrillos. I get the sausage bell pepper and onion, small feeds 2 no problem, it is a heafty pizza. I enjoy both, is that so wrong!

      2. Like Sophia said to Dorothy on "The Golden Girls," "Remember, you're a Petrillo, which in Italian means, 'Hey, I'm on a break here.'"


        1. Skip both of them and go to Domenico's on Huntington Dr. in Monrovia. Make sure you ask for an extra-thin crust if that's to your liking.