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mushrooms on homemade pizza... how?

I want to make the classic pepperoni and mushroom pizza at home tonight - I've made plenty of pizzas before but I've never added mushrooms as a topping, and I'm not sure how to get them right so they are not under-done or burned.

Each of my pizzas is about 9oz/10-12" dough and they bake on a stone in a 550F oven for about 7-8 minutes. The pizza will have some crushed tomatoes, pepperoni, and then the mushrooms...

for the mushrooms... I have some great criminis I bought at the market - by themselves I usually slice and saute on a med-high pan and then serve... should I do the same thing and then just add to the pizza? stop them a few minutes early so they finish in the oven? Not cook them at all? What do you guys do?


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  1. This might not be the right answer, but when I put vegetables on homemade pizza I put it on raw. Sliced thick or thin to anticipate the heat effect/damage, but raw.

    1. I'd add them raw, cut into medium-thick slices, to the uncooked pie. 7-8 minutes at that temperature should cook them through without burning them. If you pre-cook the mushrooms before putting them on the pie, they'll likely be shriveled and overcooked. And if you pre-cook and add them to pizza after it's done, they're not going to meld into a cohesive whole with the rest of the toppings.

      What do other Hounds think?

      1. I just made a pizza on the weekend with cremini mushrooms and just sliced them and put them on top (along with sweet onion, red pepper and sausage). The mushrooms were tender but did not burn or turn to mush (I've sauted them before and sometimes they get too over cooked once on the pizza). Just be mindful NOT to make them paper-thin slices - or they will overcook.

        1. I love mushrooms that are brown and crispy so I slice my mushrooms fairly thick and then cook them in a dry pan--under a bacon press--until the liquid is gone. I then add just a little olive oil and brown them on both sides. They go on the pizza below the top layer of cheese and the resulting flavor is very intense...and the sausage gets lightly browned in the pan the mushrooms were in so that fond doesn't get lost.

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              me too, a dry cast iron pan is what I cook my crimini mushrooms in. Then add a little salt at the end. They're brown and the flavor is wonderful. Never had problems on a pizza.

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                I agree with the suggestion to pre-cook raw dry mushrooms and remove moisture before putting on the pizza under the cheese. I also put any olives, if used, below the cheese so they are not dried out as much when in the oven.

                We put on top of the cheese things where browning enhances flavor (such as most meats). A few very finely sliced hot peppers are also good on top of the cheese also where they roast and dry in the cooking process to enhance flavors when used in moderation.

                ~ SMaki

              2. Absolutely agree-pan roast sliced mushrooms with a splash of olive oil until caramelized, then transfer to prepared pizza. They won't be rubbery, dry or less than tasty if you give them a pan roast-boost first. Always use fresh mushrooms.

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                    Ditto - Just a splash of oil and be sure to under-cook. It may take a few tries to get it exactly right.

                1. Just this past weekend, I added cremini mushrooms to the pizza I made for my wife. In the past, I usually saute them first, but this time, i just sliced about 1/8 inch thin and drizzled with olive oil and added to the pizzas raw. She said they got nice and charred and didn't leach too much liquid in the oven.

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                    I toss the sliced mushrooms in a bowl with a little salt and pepper before placing them on top of my pizza as well. No pre-cooking needed here either. Been doing it this way for years.

                  2. We have vegetable-topped pizzas every Friday night at our house (with a G-rated movie). Mushrooms are just sliced raw and placed on top and come out pleasingly perfect with minimal fuss. Other vegetables are sliced zucchini, fresh tomatoes, minced onion, sliced black olives, sometimes slices of marinated artichoke hearts, and - the only precooked vegetable, which is spinach. And, then, of course, cheese. Pizza dough topping is herbs, then either a marinara or a pesto.

                    1. I try to make pizza in under four minutes. I generally saute the sliced mushrooms first, with s/p and thyme to give them flavor.

                      1. I ALWAYS pre-cook vegetables for pizza. Not to death, but enough to remove the basic rawness. For mushrooms, I slice them & saute them in a little extra-virgin olive oil with some chopped garlic, coarse salt, & freshly-ground black pepper before spreading them over the pizza crust.

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                          Me too, Breezychow. With the temp in the 500 range to get a nice crispy char on the crust, most veggies would turn to dust without a good bit of olive and saute behind them. Just adds more flavor too.

                        2. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the liquid that mushrooms (and onions) exude. I think pre-cooking those is imperative.

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                            Excellent point, c o. Spinach too.

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                              I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the liquid that mushrooms (and onions) exude. I think pre-cooking those is imperative.


                              Criminis, the OP's choice of mushrooms, are relatively low in water-content.

                              But, yes, I do generally agree that one should sautee or pre-cook mushrooms for pizza toppings, however.

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                                Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the water content thing got me thinking... I sliced the mushrooms thicker and put them on cast-iron to par-cook to the point they released moisture and browning started. Then onto the pizza - they came out flavorful and the whole pizza was awesome!

                                Thanks community!!!

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                                  You did a good thing. Congratulations on your success!

                              2. I just made an onion, mushroom (white button) and pepperoni pizza tonight on a stone at 500. I didn't precook onions or mushrooms at all and it came out great! FWIW..

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                                  It probably comes down to a matter of preference (and cooking time).

                                  When I cook mushrooms, aside from pizza, I sometimes cook them very long, and low. Sometimes higher and shorter. It just depends on the result I'm looking for. There's no right or wrong answer.

                                  All we can do is try to figure out what a poster is looking to do, what their cooking approach is, and advise. Either way, I'm sure it'll be edible, and most people seem to love what they make.

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                                    Actually there is a right answer... Don't use mushrooms at all!