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Feb 28, 2011 08:53 AM

Bologna for one afternoon, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Help! Just driving from Milan to Florence with a stop in Bologna.
Has anyone been to Nonno Rossi? We selected it from the trip advisor's recommendations.
We'd like a great meal but don't have all afternoon to eat it. How about a great pastacceria so we can take some goodies with us to eat on the road to Florence. All the travel shows talk about how great the food it in Bologna, I'm sure there are tons of great places to eat all over Italy.
My next question with be Florence. Let's just start with Bolona first.

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  1. Curious, do you actually want to visit Bologna or just to eat the great Emilian food? If you just want to sample the cuisine it might be possible to select a country or small town restaurant in the area and avoid city traffic and parking.

    not everybody has the flexibility of a car, you have a lot more options

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      I was thinking of this restaurant, Da Amerigo, particularly, which I would like to visit, in Savigno, southwest of Bologna:
      a mention of this is on the following thread which also discusses quite a few other possible dining stops:

      Da Amerigo (Amerigo dal 1934
      )Via Marconi, 16, Savigno, Emilia-Romagna 40060, IT

    2. If you are not interested in a quick glimpse of Bologna I would suggest to stop for lunch in Vignola, province of Modena.
      TRATTORIA LA BOLOGNESE - only for lunch - closed on Saturday and Sunday.
      Via Muratori n. 1 - tel. 059 77 12 07
      Hand-made traditional pasta: tagliatelle al ragù and, of course, tortellini.
      Around 30 Euro per pax.

      As for Nonno Rossi, be aware that is next to the Bologna Airport, nothing interesting around.
      Never dined there but I read mixed - Italian - reviews.


      Nonno Rossi
      Via dell'Aeroporto, 38, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna , IT

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      1. re: Irene65

        looks good. adding a link

        La Bolognese
        Via Muratori 1, Vignola Modena, Emilia-Romagna 41058, IT

        1. re: jen kalb

          It is good, Jan ;-)
          As for AMERIGO DAL 1934, I personally think that it is not outstandind and it is rather
          expensive. I assume you cannot read Italian otherwise I would suggest you an interesting
          Italian website - a sort of "Italian Chowhound" - where you can read Italian restaurant reviews. Again no "Bible", but useful.


          1. re: Irene65

            I would be interested in the website you mean - fortunately with Google Translate I can read and use the info on italian food websites (as can anybody). One of the things I notice is that Italian boards really slam places for being too expensive. Maybe because they can get the food at home. That doesnt always bother the traveller, who wants the real local food and cant get mama to make it for them..

            There have been some chowhounds who have spoken very well of Amerigo. Since it is the rare Slowfood pick that also has a Michelin star, that makes it worthy of note and suggests it is within a middle class budget! Do you think the food at La Bolognese is better?

            1. re: jen kalb

              In the end, im not sure that either of these restaurants are that accessable to the Autostrada.

              Maybe the OP could consider Gigina, which is frequently recommended on this board, not terribly expensive and closer to their route.

              Via Henri Beyle Stendhal, 1, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna 40128, IT

              1. re: jen kalb

                Hi Jan.
                The website is .
                You have to sign up to gain access to reviews (reviews only, there are not discussion boards). It is frequented only by Italian people and they have recently opened a new section “estero”.
                I hope that the Italian to English Google translation works better than the German to Italian one.. :-


                I do not agree that, generally speaking, Italian boards slam places for being too expensive.
                As everywhere, there are people who are not disposed to spend more than 30 Euro to dine out and people willing or able to afford more expensive experiences. It is true that food standards are generally high all over the country and that many Italian people are not keen to pay a fortune because of the ambiance.
                Many Chowhounders are savvy travelers who stayed in or visited Italy enough to sensibly perceive the food quality level, while others, visiting the country for the first time, can only benchmark with USA or UK standards. I frequently read and relate to my husband and friends enthusiastic reviews about places we consider mediocre at the best. Not to mention some “titled” reviews taken as gospel truth. Just to make another stupid example: when I read in the Chowhound HOME COOKING section people converse about cream or other ingredients that have nothing to do with PASTA ALLA CARBONARA I wonder how they would react to the authentic recipe.
                I’ll prepare you a detailed review of AMERIGO DAL 1934 and TRATTORIA LA BOLOGNESE.

                1. re: Irene65

                  On the whole I very much enjoy the enthusiasm and connoisseurship on Italian food sites including Il Mangione (some of their reviews are linked on the Google maps place pages). nevertheless I have found complaints about high prices (in restaurants outside the luxury category) to be fairly common. It arising in local food places and has to do with the fact that the writers can get the same food at home or know of other places to obtain it more cheaply.

                  Here is a good site (it swallowed up tulasudolsa that I used to read for Parma and environs) but now covers more cities outside of Emilia
                  there is also a fairly active discussion site over the the Pisa area I have used as well as Il Tacco di Bacco for Puglia
                  Id love to hear about more good italian sites.

                  Apart from personal experience there is no substitute for solid local reports - looking forward to your writeups

          2. re: Irene65

            We selected Nonno Rossi based on Trip Advisor information. The AAA uses this site. Has anyone used trip advisor's recommendations and how accurate are they? I'm happy to receive all this informations. I'm new at this blogging. I do try to go to the different sites you all share about. I don't speak or read Italian but I'm learning. We are planning to go to Bologna for half a day, I know this isn't very much time to see Bologna, but that's all the time we have. We are going to Florence for 3 nights. Keep you info coming. Grazie. Shirley Anne

            Nonno Rossi
            Via dell'Aeroporto, 38, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna , IT

            1. re: sassyinaz3

              thanks for coming back and clarifying what you are looking for. If you want to actually see the sights of Bologna, it makes sense for you to go into the old part of the city and eat in the central touristic zone. The driving may be a challenge, make sure you check your maps , plan your route or use a GPS and know where you are going to try to park in advance.

              you should be asking about restaurants in the historic center where you can get a relatively fast (and I assume inexpensive) taste of Bolognese cooking . Some of our real Bologna experts may have a suggestion on this, also on your pastry shop question.

              Nonno Rossi is not convenient to this plan since it is out by the airport - If your priority is tasting bolognese cooking rather than seeing the historic town, then we have given you a couple of recommendations that do not involve driving into the city but would give you a delicious meal.

              Regarding Tripadvisor, it is a mixed bag. It is not primarily a food site and a lot of the posters are not very knowledgeable about food. On the other hand, it does attract many reviews on many restaurants, an increasing number from italians and other europeans, so it could have some useful info. Nonno Rossi is ranked by Tripadvisor 34th in Bologna which is hardly at the top of the list. Again, I think you should look to eat someplace in the center if you want to actually enjoy a tour of the town.

              If you want more information about what dishes you should try while in Bologna, just ask!

              Nonno Rossi
              Via dell'Aeroporto, 38, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna , IT

              1. re: jen kalb

                I would second Jan's opinion about Tripadvisor. It can be useful if you crosscheck the information from sources that are more reliable such as guides and more
                "specialized" web sites.

                For a quick lunch in Bologna you might also consider:
                ANTICA SALSAMENTERIA TAMBURINI - Via Caprarie 1
                SHOP & BISTROT

                Jan, I am working at the translation about AMERIGO & TRATTORIA LA BOLOGNESE, culinary reviews in a language which is not yours can be time consuming



                I posted a request in the Manhattan section - BEST TEPPANYAKI RESTAURANT IN MANHATTAN - and I got 0 replies. Maybe there is no Japanese Teppanyaki in NYC
                Can you be of help?

                Grazie 1000

                1. re: Irene65

                  if you do a google search for Teppanyaki NYC you will come up with some older chowhound threads as well as other discussions on this. It looks like there are few places , but more Korean BBQ, which is very good, than Teppanyaki per se. I think if you respond on to some of those threads for an update, you might bet more info.

                  looking forward to your reviews, and thanks for the effort from all of us!