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Feb 28, 2011 08:53 AM

Peggy's Grill House Pearl River

Went with the kids to catch a quick bite at Peggy's Grill House, on Middletown Rd. (across from Shoprite). You order at the counter and they bring you your meal. The place is very clean, and airy. The menu is perfect for a family with kids. Burgers, dogs, grilled chicken , souvlaki, & gyros. All prepared on a charcoal grill. We had the kids dog, decent size, perhaps a boars head or thumann's? with fries, a chicken souvlaki sandwich, and one bottle of soda, the bill came to $9.50. The chicken was nicely marinated chunks, with a good charcoal flavor. The tzatziki was not the style I like, it was too thick and not garlicky enough for me. I plan to have the 1/4 grilled chicken next time, and will try their burgers as well.

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