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Feb 28, 2011 08:18 AM

Bistro La Persaud

Bistro La Persaud received some good press on Edmonton AM and the Edmonton Journal so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did.

It was a bit hard to find as it is in a buiding that looks more like a dorm than anything as it is near the Faculty Ste. Jean.

The room is very nicely appointed. The menu is relatively short but everything looked pretty good. There were three of us. I had the only starter, steak tartare. It was very good, albeit a small portion.

The mains were also excellent. Great attention to detail on the subtle sauces, although the sauce on the Chicken Supreme was slightly salty. My wife had the pavee as a substitute for rice and a thin layer at the bottom was slightly burned from the reheating. It easily peeled away and the rest was fine. I had the mac and cheese and it was very, very good and the third person had the tortellini. Both dishes were essentailly flawless, subtle sauces and everything well cooked. We split the Lemon Curd tart and it was very nice. A good balance between tart and sweet.

The charcuterie menu was buried after the desserts so we did not get a chance to try any of it, but it looks tasty. Wine prices are very reasonable (about double liquor store prices, no gouging here).

Overall prices were very reasonable, even cheap.

If in doubt, go. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Most definitely second a recommendation for La Persaud.

    1. We had a very good meal there several weeks ago (during their long soft opening)

      1. I'm excited to try this restaurant with friends this weekend. From what I have heard, I should not miss the Salade Nicoise. I took a peek at the charcuterie menu too, and the duck prosciutto sounds right up my alley. I hope to be able to echo your sentiments with a positive review come Sunday morning. :)

        1. So, Saturday night, my husband and I enjoyed a meal here with another couple. We had a reservation at 9, and happily, the place was packed when we arrived. There is nothing worse than getting to a restaurant and being the only ones there, in my opinion! As akondra mentioned too, the room is a bit hard to find, so this enhanced our delight that people actually sought out the venue - hope it would live up to expectations!

          The host was very warm and inviting, as was our server who, although he did not eat meat and couldn't comment on those dishes, still offered up some good suggestions and shared what dishes seemed to be the most popular. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, they were out of tuna, so I couldn't have the salade nicoise or the tuna tacos which I had heard such good things about.

          Before our apps arrived, we were treated to a nice amuse bouche - a lobster tarragon bisque "shooter". It was a bit too salty for my liking, but one of my companions said that she expects lobster bisque to be salty and buttery, so perhaps just not my thing.

          Two people enjoyed the three onion soup while hubby had the steak tartare (very tasty) and I had the escargots. They were buttery and the chanterelles heightened the dish.

          Prior to mains arriving, we were brought out pear prosecco sorbets to cleanse the palate - nice touch! For mains, the other lady had the striploin but the chef gave her the wrong potatoes with her dish. For the error, they threw in her dessert...more on that later... :)

          Hubby had the pork filet which was very tender and presented nicely on wild rice. My seared sablefish was great. The side dish of vegetables was a cute little bundle presented in a separate dish to keep warm, but they were a bit underwhelming. Portion sizes were generous I thought, considering the reasonable prices and presentation factor.

          For desserts, two of us shared the triple creme brie, aged cheddar and valdeon which were nicely accompanied by yummy preserves and biscuits. The lemon curd tart and caramelized apple crepe were also declared winners - particularly the nicely browned crepe. The French k now their desserts.

          We were allowed to linger over our meal and never felt rushed. A very nice evening all in all, and a welcome addition to Edmonton's dining scene! :)

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            I am glad you enjoyed!

            PS I often find lobster a little salty even when using the sparest amount of salt. Hmmmmmm.....