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Feb 28, 2011 07:27 AM

Breakfast in Port Richmond or Bridesburg?

With the recent threads about the butchers and bakeries in Port Richmond and Bridesburg, I thought I would take my kids in early Saturday morning to check things out.

Any recommendations on where to catch a decent breakfast?


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  1. You have several diner options... the Dining Car at Academy and Frankford is a bit north of the areas you are interested in. Mayfair diner just north of cottman and frankford used to be great til it was bought out a few years ago. Still not bad. In both cases you can hop on 95 either at Academy or Cottman and head on Down to Port RIchmond.

    Personally I would recommend go for lunch and eat in Port Richmond at Syrenka's. Its an old style luncheonette with steam tables. If you order pierogis, they make them fresh in the back. Usually you have kielbasa, some sort of soup, a goulash, stuffed cabbage, all on the steam table.

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      Breakfast is very good at Mercer Cafe - 2619 E. Westmoreland St. (at Mercer St. ) in Port Richmond. It's a block away from Allegheny Ave. Mercer is a neighborhood place & I frequently see kids there for Saturday breakfast. Bridesburg is barren for breakfast. Only Bridesburg lunch places are bars.

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          My four-year old became ill during the night...so we had to cancel the trip.

          However, I am going in this coming weekend. So I will report back.