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Feb 28, 2011 06:21 AM

Kansas City Plaza Area for Foodies

I am travelling to KC for business and will be staying in the Plaza area for a week. I have been once before and found a few good restaurants (Blancs, Fiorella's was pretty decent) but I'm looking for good eats for this next trip. It will have be within walking distance though, which limits me somewhat. Cuisine is not a limiting factor for me, it just needs to be good. Any suggestions?

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  1. Better than good:
    Plaza III
    Classic Cup

    A long(er) walk south on Main:
    Andre's (lunch only)
    Glacé (Christopher Elbow's ice cream)
    Il Centro (dinner only?)

    These are chains, but pretty good:
    Fogo de Chao
    PF Chang's
    McCormick & Schmick's
    Kona Grill

    Check out for more ideas.

    1. I was very happy with Julian, which is chef Celina Tio's restaurant. It's walking distance for some, bus (MAX bus to 64th St) for others. Very nice.

      I also second Glace for incredible ice cream; it's just south of the Plaza on Main across Brush Creek. And right across the street and up a block from that is Jack Gage American Tavern that has really good food that matches its name. I liked the shrimp and cheesy grits.