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Feb 28, 2011 06:16 AM

Ordering Tasso/Cajun ingredients online

I want to make a few recipes that require tasso, but here in Ohio it's hard to come by. What is the best brand to order online? I'm thinking of using and possibly ordering Comeaux Tasso. Also I noticed that comeaux has gator sausage. Has anyone tried it, and would that be worth ordering as well?

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  1. I haven't tried the Comeaux brand, but regularly order tasso and andouille from Poche's Market and find it very good quality. You can get Poche's products at Cajun Grocer, but I've found shipping costs are better ordering directly from them at:

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    1. re: PattyOh

      It's hard to tell from the small photo on the Cajungrocer site, but Comeaux tasso looks more like a sausage than a chunk of meat. I would go with Poche's. They list all their spices instead of just "flavorings" and I like that as well.

      1. re: Zeldog

        Comeaux tasso definitely looks like links of sausage, that was my first clue that it might not be what I was looking for. I think Poche's might be my best bet.

    2. Prudhomme's mail order division, used to sell tasso seasoning. It was expensive, but fab. Now when l call they say do not have even when Mr Prudhomme himself says you can still get it. Also his tasso is great as well.