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Feb 28, 2011 05:15 AM

First time visitor to Haines City

A Toronto chowhounder visiting Haines City for the month of April is looking for unique places to eat that have some character, nothing fancy just good quality. The only thing I can find by doing a search is a taco truck, so that's on the list. Open to all rec's but a good Mexican place would really be appreciated as we cannot get that up here. . Thanks

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  1. Haines City is about as obscure as it gets. I drive by it twice a week but have never stopped for a meal.

    Looks like this place might be the only option

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      Cancel that, I see it is no longer open.

    2. Thanks Redfish .... we have stayed in the Lakeland area in the past and have driven as far as the Cherry Pocket so we are willing to drive.

        1. Haines City doesn't have many good dining options, but you can make the short drive to Lake Alfred and enjoy Gary's Oyster Bar & Seafood, Luigi's Italian Restaurant and Lang's Sun Country Groves (for lunch only).

          Luigi's is authentic Italian and it's amazing.

          Also, if you want authentic Mexican in Haines City, go to La Tapatia Grocery on 17-92 and order a Torta. Hope you can speak some Spanish, because they will look at you crazy when you try and order in English. It's really tasty and totally worth it, though.

          1. Fiesta Mexicana on Ingraham Ave in the newly renovated downtown part of Haines City is quite good. Their tortilla soup has good days and bad days, but most things seem to be consistently good. There's a good variety of enchiladas and great sopapillas to finish the meal.