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Feb 28, 2011 02:59 AM

Proper attire for Le Cinq (Paris) at lunchtime?

This is a little random, but i cant find out about attire for Le Cinq, aka what formal/business means for lunch. My husband and I are headed to Le Cinq on Friday for lunch, and I'm trying to figure out if he can get away with suit pants, shirt and tie and nice overcoat (instead of a suit jacket)? Were trying to pack lighter! I'm planning to wear a nice black dress.


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  1. "tie and nice overcoat (instead of a suit jacket)"

    A jacket is more important than a tie.

    1. "I'm planning to wear a nice black dress...."

      Let him dress to impress, but tie optional... it's one of those occasion where one should pack a real jacket and pants.


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      1. re: Maximilien

        Yeah. Jacket. Ties are for losers...

        1. re: Busk

          Ha, that confirms I'm a winner ; ) Standard emails from Le Cinq confirming some of my past reservations contained the following clause: "Nous vous informons que le port de la veste est de rigueur pour les messieurs." (wearing jacket is required for men)

          1. re: fanoffrance


            For comparison: "jacket required & tie recommended" at Ducasse's restaurant. Fits with the stuffy corporate atmosphere of the place...

      2. Definitely a jacket - although they will graciously supply one if you don't bring your own.