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Feb 28, 2011 01:43 AM

Buy wine in Sydney CBD?

Any recommendations for where to buy a bottle or two of wine in Sydney near Circular? Also any recommendations for any Australian reds in the $15-$30 range that are good value and not highly available in the US?

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  1. What sort of reds are you looking for?

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    1. re: kersizm

      I know very little about Australian wine. This sounds like a cop-out, but I tend not to go after a specific style, but rather a good value within its style. I'm open to some sort of Shiraz or Shiraz blend that's not a typical export style, or a Rhone blend with some local character, or a Cab or Cab blend with some local character. I guess that doesn't narrow it down much. :-)

      1. re: chico43

        2008 Tall Trees, Reserve Shiraz. $14
        2007 Magpie Estate, The Sack Shiraz. $24
        2007 Tim Adams, Shiraz. $24

        2010 Massena, Primitivo. $24

        2009 Harcourt Valley, Malbec. (I think this was about $17)

        Give those a go.

    2. There is quite a god wine shop (Australian Wine Centre) very near Circular Quay, it is underneath Goldfields House which is on the corner of George Street, at 1 Alfred Street. It has lots of boutique Australian wines that you won't see anywhere else. Another option is Wine Odyssey at the bottom of Argyle Street in The Rocks which is a bit more expensive. Unfortunately they both price for the CBD so you won't get "Dan Murphy pricing, but their advice is good.

      1. My current favorites are Pinot Noir from Tasmania.