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Feb 28, 2011 12:36 AM

BYOB in Tokyo?

Does anybody know of any restaurants that are doing BYOB in the Tokyo area?


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  1. In my experience, most European/international restaurants are willing to do BYOB for wine if you call ahead, ask politely, and are willing to pay a corkage charge. That said, some places are less enthusiastic about it, and that's reflected in a higher corkage charge.

    1. I've BYOed at Merveille (Nihonbashi, French), Mikawa (Kayabacho, tempura), and Onodera (Kagurazaka, kaiseki), paying Y2k each time.
      There is not, however, a culture like I remember from Australia where restaurants without liquor licenses allowed you to BYO for $2 or $5.

      1. Come to think of it, I BYO'ed at Quintessence too. Y5k, and worth every penny.