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Feb 27, 2011 08:46 PM

What LC Colors in France?

At the risk of dulling the collective insulin response to LC threads here (on average 1 new one per day, 365, years on end, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz), I have to ask:

Is LC bombarding the good people of France with all the splendiferous and unique colors that we here in USA seem to suffer retinal burn with? Are there really Victoria Green or Spinach or Coastal Blue in France? Are the French really as daft as us Yanks for every color in the palette? Have they run out of decent colors and are just toying with the American market?

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  1. You can go to to find them all, but no, those you listed aren't among them

    Coastal Blue was exclusive for a British firm and now Bloomingdale's. Spinach is supposedly exclusive to C&B. Victoria Green looks suspiciously like the former Sonoma Green at W&S.

    The French colors look much like what is available here with the additions of truffle, matte black, and a deep grey color.

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      They imported the matte black into the states for about 7 days.... I bought three. Would love a couple more pieces in that color but obviously, I will have to make a trip to France to have that happen.

    2. I have yet to see a single person in France who collects LC -- it's available at groceries and hypermarkets here (like Super Walmart or Super Target) -- so it pretty much tends to be Just Another Pan.

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        Interesting. So we've elevated LC to exalted status in the US, but it's considered nothing special in France. What about Staub? What is its reputation in France relative to LC?

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          It exists, but you have to be looking for it on purpose. I've never heard anyone wax poetic about either.

          It blew my mind the first time I ever entered a French hypermarket -- there's Tefal, and LC, and Emile Henry -- on the grocery-store shelves, like Pyrex in the US. (and since there's no shipping or duties, you don't wanna know the price. You'd cry. I always just comforted myself by thinking about what a PITA they'd all be to try to drag home.)

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            My local Food Emporium supermarket sells LC in Manhattan. It's on a display table with other food displays on similar tables. Prices are standard retail. You are paying the duties here as well as the shipping from France and to your retailer. It all ads up.

            1. re: blondelle

              And let's not forget about how weak the dollar has become against the Euro.