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Feb 27, 2011 08:34 PM

affordable dinners in/around Center City

I'm looking for restaurants easily accessible from West Philly by foot and transit. We're looking for places that will be $15-25 per person, European or American cuisines; the kind of place that would be great for groups of 3-6 on a casual night out for conversation and good unfussy food in a small, unpretentious, fun place. It'd be so nice to have dinner somewhere affordable and good that feels like a relaxed gathering, dinner party, or something fairly impromptu, but still really enjoyable food.

On my list so far are Zavino, Stella, Continental, and possibly Barbuzzo. Any others come to mind?

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  1. Mixto. 11th and Pine, you can definitely eat well in that range, and it feels like the relaxed gathering you're describing.

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      Last time I was at Continenal, they were just rolling out an Asian-Fusion menu, in case that matters. I like Mixto too - decent prices, good atmosphere, great food. But it's Latin/Cuban cuisine, not Euro/Amer. I like Monk's but depending on when you go, it could get crowded. Barbuzzo is GREAT, but could be outside your price range (esp. if you plan to get drinks). I've heard good things about Zavina and Stella but haven't gotten over there yet.

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        I too like Mixto. It's a fun place - kind of festive, even, at times.
        There's also Smokin' Betty's, at around 11th and (Samson? Locust?).
        I've eaten at Continental Midtown - feels more like you're eating before you go out clubbing.

      2. More homey and cheaper than the places on your list--South Street Souvlaki. Food is definitely "homestyle," not as refined as the places you listed, but simple, tasty and very cheap. Comfortable place.

        1. Roberto Cafe @ 22nd & South - unfussy but very tasty Italian, BYOB, comfortable for small groups. I've also taken friends to the fairly nearby Novita Bistro (close to the South & Broad Septa stop) and they loved it - also BYOB, pretty cheap, more Moroccan/Mediterranean than Italian.