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Feb 27, 2011 06:45 PM

Fort Dupont Ice Rink, SE - any options?

Greetings Hounds - this Baltimore hound will be at the rink all day Sunday for a youth hockey tournament. There's about two hours break for lunch - any place good that's within 10 mins drive? No requirements as to cuisine etc and as to price - well, let's just say that any nominees are unlikely to break the bank.

Also, on Saturday the tourney will finish about 7:30 pm - ideas for dinner that are roughly on the way back to Baltimore?

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  1. Unfortunately one of my favorite meals in DC is closed on Sundays - Pimento Grill which is right next door to Fort Dupont Park.

    However, Ray's the Steaks at East River is less than a ten minute drive, and has a mind-bending dish of smoked then fried chicken. The bbq ribs, which are also really smoked, belie the idea that you can't get terrific bbq in DC. If I were you, I might go for both lunch AND dinner.

    Pimento Grill Restaurant
    4405 Bowen Rd SE, Washington, DC 20019

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      Steve -- this sounds great and I think we will do it for at least one meal. If we are looking for something a little cheaper that might go down well with the rest of the families, any ideas along the lines of carryout, pizza, sandwiches?

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        I think Chowhound deletes replies from restaurant owners, but I'll at least try to save you a trip with so many kids in tow on Sunday, since we just this week started closing on Sundays (hopefully only for an interim period).

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          No, we don't delete replies from restaurant owners as a rule. As our posting guidelines for restaurant insiders ( explain, we allow industry insiders to participate as long as they keep their responses factual and refrain from recommending their own business or debating. Thanks for posting the information and saving lawhound the trip!

    2. You can get on Pennsylvania Ave, cross the river and find any number of options at Barracks Row.

      Getting there and back within 2 hours should not be a problem. The only place I have been to is DC3, which is hot dogs and sausages done in a variety of ways. I liked it. Seating can be a challenge depending on how crowded it is and how many people you have with you.

      There are other restaurant options there that have been discussed on this board.

      Parking at Barracks Row can also be a challenge -- again, it just depends on circumstances and luck. But that's where I would go if I were in your situation.

      423 8th St SE, Washington D.C., DC 20003

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        I think kids would really love Good Stuff Eatery or We the Pizza, which are quite close to Barracks Row. Both places offer high quality versions of burgers/fries/shakes and New York style pizza/gelato/home-made sodas. Destination places in my book, and they're very casual and kid-friendly. Many reviews on this board.

        Good Stuff Eatery
        303 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC

      2. I was just going to suggest Rays the Steaks (that smoked-fried chicken is AWESOME!) or anything along Barracks Row (8th Street, SE). You can find all sorts of food (burgers, pizza, shakes, etc) and cuisines (Asian Fusion, Italian, bar food) while you're there.

        Yes! Organic Market (**The Fairlawn store is closer to the Rink than Capitol Hill, but they're both located ON Pennsylvania Avenue, SE) has a sushi bar, if you're in the mood. You can even grab a bottle of celebratory wine on the way back to Baltimore. (I highly recommend Barefoot Sweet Red for about $5!). They also offer FREE garage parking.