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Feb 27, 2011 06:40 PM

Sanpachi 3132 W. Broadway

Somehow I completely missed this place walking by Friday but today I connected.

Sleek and comfortable well run and well outfitted is the first impression.

Warm friendly Staff and an appealing menu with variations on the standard Vancouver Izakaya fare-also featuring OYSTERS!!!

First up were 3 Royal Miyagi and 3 Kushhi-delicious even for someone who was half frozen.

Next a take on Agedashi Tofu-a thicker sauce than the usual dashi broth -with bits of Tuna and grilled Mushroom-very soothing and filling.

Finally an ambrosial Miso Black Cod on a bed of greens-probably the best I've ever had.

Add all that to the Olympic hockey triumph rebroadcast and a flagon of house Sake and I was a Very Happy Diner indeed-still am-this place is doing it right normally I never go near a place in it's first week.

Ramen starts next month I didn't enquire as to details (it's in no way my fave).

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  1. I used to live in Vancouver 30 some years ago. Only hand ful sushi bar then and no Izakaya at all. I used to go Hasting st for sushi. 5 seating sushi bar in Japanese restaurant. Those oysters are good one from washington I guess. Although I never tried neither of them. Royal Miyagi is related to Golden Miyagi? I love to go back try the food again soon.

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      Thanks for the early intel and the warning re no ramen for a month, Sam. I'm dead keen to try their noodles so may hold off for a bit. But then again that black cod sounds pretty tempting :-).

      1. re: grayelf

        Hit up the newest Sanpachi on a walk in last night with my SO, brother, SIL, small niece and an unsuspecting CHer (!). We tried a bunch of izakaya items plus three types of ramen. Damage was $24 each tax and tip in plus $6 for anyone who had an Asahi Black. Standout for me was the isobeage. I have been in search of a really tasty one since Kyocha-ya closed, and this is the closest I've found. The beef tataki also met with approbation, as did the korokke (which has beef and shrimp inside). Ebi mayo was good but not great, and the sablefish was solid if not quite ambrosial this night :-). We ordered a couple of other items that I've forgotten -- wasn't too on the ball with the camera I fear. The ramen was far superior to Benkei across the street. I'll be back for more varieties. Very nice to have a good option walking distance from home. Here's a few (bad) pix... spicy ramen, yatai ramen, miso black cod, isobe age, korokke, oops, the last one is from Juno, posted in error!