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Feb 27, 2011 06:37 PM

Yuba tofu skin- where to buy?

I'm intrigued by the reviews of Hodo's yuba and love the idea of another low carb pasta substitute (I love shirataki noodles). I live in walnut creek and called WF WC and Diablo foods in Lafayette, both of which are listed on Hodo as selling their brand. Neither store had the Yuba in stock.

1) does anyone know where to buy Yuba (Hodo's brand or other) in the east bay?
2) is Yuba good?
3) other recommendations for other low carb pasta substitutes?

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  1. I usually get Hodo's yuba at the Berkeley farmers' markets (Tue and Sat, I've never tried Thurs). I have also bought dried yuba to be reconstituted at 99 Ranch, but it is not nearly as good. I also recall I product I tried once from the refrigerated section of 99 Ranch that was like knots of yuba. It was terrible/possibly moldy. I'm pretty sure it has a sort shelf life which is probably the reason it isn't distributed as widely as the other Hodo products.

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      Hodo is at the Thursday market in Berkeley, and the Sunday Temescal market, too.

    2. I've been seeing Hodo products at smaller natural foods stores all over the city (Buffalo Whole Foods on Castro, a few others). Their yuba is really good, although I usually buy the spiced tofu. It doesn't keep very long, so you might try to find out which days they deliver.

      They were at the new cheese store in Temescal, but the price seemed high.

      Have you tried the so-called green noodles? Light and delicious, and also at smaller natural food stores and Asian groceries. Not sure if you'd consider them low carb enough, but they do have a higher concentration of vegetables.


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        Ah, I was thinking of another spinach flavored shirataki that I got at WF Ashby,not these green noodles you pointed me too. A little too high carb for me, but an interesting product, none the less. My son's fav food is noodles, of course. I often sauté carbbage or bean sprouts, douse in sauce and call them 'pasta.' will try these, now, too!

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          Whole Foods in San Francisco has the whole line--not the yuba sheets, but the marinated strips. They also had three or four shelves next to wheat pasta of gluten free and low carb noodles.

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            I second the green noodles...tasty, healthy & relatively inexpensive. I bought some at Canyon Market near the Glen Park BART station for $1.79. I've also bought it in JapanTown.

            Canyon Market
            2815 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA

          2. Berkeley Bowl carries Hodo's yuba, but they don't have it in stock every day.


            Berkeley Bowl
            2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

            1. If you have a chance, you can take a tour of Hodo Soy Beanery conducted every other Wednesday of the month at their factory at 2923 Adeline Street near 30th Street in West Oakland. They give out samples of their various yuba and tofu products and do sell them fresh but only at the time of the tour.

              Here's a link to details about the tours and online tickets ($10 plus tax):

              Here are 2 pictures I took from a tour last January showing the hand drying of the yuba, left, and founder and tour guide Minh Tsai in gray cap at the samples table, right.

              The tour is conducted in a room separate from the beanery floor due to sanitation requirements. The yuba was delicious as was the just-made still-warm soy milk. Minh said that he doesn't conduct all the tours and though he likes stinky tofu, he doesn't make any fermented products. They've been at the West Oakland plant for about a year and it sounds like they are looking into expanding.

              Hodo Soy Beanery
              2923 Adeline Street
              Oakland, CA 94608
              (510) 464-2977

              Hodo Soy Beanery
              2923 Adeline Street, Oakland, CA

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                here's a price list for the tour-only sales and a better, rotated picture of founder and tofu master Minh Tsai in gray cap:

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                  Thank you all so much!! I'm going to call Berkeley bowl as I did with Diablo foods and WF but will also try to hook up the tour and the Berkeley Farmers Market. I have a toddler, so weekend time is precious (work too;) but the tour looks fantastic!
                  I have tried the green noodles, but appreciate the reminder. They were good! I originally got them at WF on Ashby I think.
                  Now what are your favorite ways to prepare them?

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                    That tour does look good.

                    I made the green noodles like the picture on the package: toss in a sliced carrot, some cabbage or lettuce, maybe a scallion or shiitake mushroom.

                    I've always gotten the flavored yuba and tofus (and Hodo's lovely tofu fa--silken tofu with ginger sauce) and eaten them straight out of the container.

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                      I'm signing up for that tour! Especially if shelf life is so short :)

              2. Rainbow Grocery started carrying a variety of Hodo products, including yuba! I believe they receive shipments once a week, around Tues or Wed. It's $7 for 2 sheets.

                Rainbow Grocery
                1745 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103