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Feb 27, 2011 05:43 PM

Kitchen Aid Mixer Repair

Anybody know of a good appliance shop in los angeles or san gabriel valley that can repair my 14 year old kitchen aid stand up mixer? I think the gears are going out and also starting to leak oil. I'd like to get it repaired if possible.

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    1. They fixed my motor. There used to be several of these places and they repaired all small appliances. I think there is this one and one other.

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        We've been to the Covina shop with our DeLonghi toaster oven, and were very much impressed with the quick service and professional attitude. The counter guy took the time to explain why our problem occurred and how to avoid it in the future. I have two old KA stand mixers and even though this shop is a schlepp from Pasadena I'd happily take them there if they needed service. I'm saying this even though I was unaware this is a KA-authorized shop.

        1. re: Will Owen

          Hi Will do you know any places in LA/OC that will repaint AND refurbish old KA's? I have a 1943 K4-B in great working condition but I just want to start it off right for its next 50 years. =)

          1. re: UrbanGeishaLA

            I don't know of any, because I simply retired my beat-up KA when we got the refurbished one a few years ago. I know there must be a small industry revolving around those, because the refurb has repro parts of varying quality and authenticity. The printed black-on-stainless band, for instance, looks good, but lacks a lot of original detail. I have no idea where the work was done, though, and as I never met the dealer face to face (it was purchased in an Orange antique mall) I didn't get to ask him or her about it. Sounds like Google Time to me.

      2. How about Newman's Vacuum Service and Appliance in Santa Monica? Has anyone had business with them before?

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        1. re: biscottidude

          Yes, I actually just had my blender repaired there. The employees aren't the most sociable people, but they know their stuff. Plus they're an official Kitchen Aid repair shop.

          1. re: biscottidude

            Newman's fixed my K5 last year. Yes, the woman at the counter does not have the best command of the English language, but they were great and fixed my mixer in 1 day.

            1. re: biscottidude

              I decided to bring my KA mixer to Newman's yesterday. Initially I was going to bring it to CES but they are closed on the weekends. Lady in the front counter was nice but I had a little difficulty conversing with her due to language barrier. She assured me they will look at the machine and give me an estimate on Monday. I'll let everyone know how the repairs went when I get my KA back. Thanks to everyone for their replies and opinion on the two shops mentioned in this thread.

              1. re: biscottidude

                I just had my mixer reared at Newmans. They charged me about $95 to replace the motor. My mixer works better than ever!

                  1. re: UrbanGeishaLA

                    My pleasure. Very pleased with the repair.

              2. What with the high cost of parts (if they still make them) and labor, wouldn't you be better off buying a new one?

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                1. re: mucho gordo

                  This is not exactly on-topic for this board, but this is discussed at great length on Cookware, where the consensus seems to be that you're better off buying an OLD one. That said, the parts and labor on these are not bad. I had an ancient barn-find KA refurbed to perfect health (functional parts only) for about $100; could be about twice that now*. If Newman's and California Electric Service are equally easy to get to I would choose the latter - it's an authorized shop as well.

                  *I might add that this included replacing a lot of wiring with perished insulation, including the main cord, and cleaning out about a quart of dead cockroaches!

                  1. re: Will Owen

                    Exactly what I was thinking, they don't build them the way they used to and this is my first stand up mixer so it holds sentimental value for me as well. Did you get your KA stand up mixer refurbed at California Electric Service as well? If so, sounds like they did a good job with a lot of attention to detail.

                    1. re: biscottidude

                      No, this was at a shop in Nashville. I'd already opened it up and started on the de-roaching, and decided that Professional Assistance was required. Cosmetically it was a mess, and I told the guy I wasn't going to fret about that, so while it came back nice and clean it still looked like it'd been riding around in someone's pickup bed for twenty years. It's still going strong, but two years ago I found one at an antique mall in Orange that had been totally refurbished, reduced to $110, and the dealer would throw in a never-been-used accessory meat-grinder for another $20. Mrs. O said, "Happy Birthday, Will!" and that was that.

                      CES fixed a DeLonghi toaster oven for us - they're authorized shop for lots of brands. I just liked their quick service, reasonable rates, and the fact that the guy took the initiative and time to tell me how I'd screwed it up and how to avoid doing it again.

                2. Hi Biscottidude,

                  How did the KA repair turn out afterall at Newmans? How much and what did they say about your KA? I have a 1943 beauty in working condition that I want checked and freshened up now that she's mine. The guy I bought it from is in his 50's and said his mom and his grandma used it, and its all original parts and it works - amazing how they made things to last back then.

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                  1. re: UrbanGeishaLA

                    The repair came out good. The technician replaced the gears and clutch and repacked it with lubricant. It's been a little over a year now and still runs well. The cost at that time was $100.00 which I thought was a little expensive but to have my KA running again made it worth it. Its my first mixer and has sentimental value for me. I recently bought a used Viking mixer and it does most of my heavy loads now but I find the machine too heavy for my liking. I don't have any complaints about Newmans other than maybe pricing and overcoming the communication barrier with the lady that works there. Not sure if she was the owner or not.

                    1. re: biscottidude

                      biscottidude, I didn't mind forking over $100 to a Nashville shop twenty-some years ago for about the same thing, so it sounds to me that you got a heck of a deal.

                      Appliances used to be designed and built to be heirlooms. The working parts were metal, with steel or bronze gears (depending on application) and cases were cast or diecast metal as well. A 1935 or '36 KitchenAid Midget I have (it was a failed attempt at a low-priced model, made just two years) came with a Swedish-made cast steel meat grinder attachment. It fits perfectly on the K5, as does the late-model plastic-cased grinder. And both grinders use the same cutting blade and grinding plates. Maybe more to the point, the steel-bodied grinder shows no signs of wear whatsoever, and will certainly outlive us all. Although I'm not exactly a young man, I don't necessarily expect the plastic one to outlive me.

                    2. re: UrbanGeishaLA

                      Wow! Great find there. I wish I had luck like that.